AK47 (AKM) Killer Flash Hider!

AK47 (AKM) Killer Flash Hider! Awesome AK flash hider, new AKOU video review is on!

YouTube video

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2 responses to “AK47 (AKM) Killer Flash Hider!”

  1. Torpex Avatar

    Nice looking F.H. I have had great success with Vortex which in the origin of this design. It has an added feature, the prongs are slightly twisted (they dont come straight our in line w the barrel). This slows the flame ball down just enough to ensure a complete powder burn with in the unit. I use it on all my AKs. 2 DDIs and a mutt.

    Rob, thanks for all the hard work you put into the site for the AK community.

  2. Ethan Avatar

    Rob, I couldn’t tell from the video, but will this flash hider cause the “Tuning Fork” ringing?

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