Open letter to: Century Arms, Kalashnikov USA, Palmetto State Armory and IO

Open letter to: Century Arms, Kalashnikov USA, Palmetto State Armory and IO
AKOU Cast Trunnions challenge
Because of all controversy about cast trunnions in your rifles, I have a simple challenge for all of you to prove to all of us, that you are ready to stand behind your product. No more speculations about cast trunnions strength versus forged trunnions strength. There is time for arguing and there is time for action. Arguing is over.
Challenge rules:
Donate 1 rifle for testing + 50000 rounds
Over next 12 months, we will test your rifle in all different weather environments: from cold winters to extremely hot summers.
We will post videos and pictures updates every month from test progression.
Test will consists of shooting 4166 rounds per month in semi-automatic fire rate. Barrel temperature will be controlled with Fluke Laser thermometer to prevent barrel overheating.
Every 90 rds, rifle will dropped to concrete 2 times, from waist height: 1 time on left side and 1 time on right side.
Manufacturer of the rifle will be responsible for providing all spare parts, like springs, bolts, bolt carriers and so on, as necessary.
We will not test accuracy of the barrel, unless requested by manufacturer. We are focusing on trunnions strength only, but if desired by manufacturer, we can report on accuracy as well.
If you are ready to accept this challenge and prove that, you believe in your product, please comment underneath of this post, then message me or email me at:

32 responses to “Open letter to: Century Arms, Kalashnikov USA, Palmetto State Armory and IO”

  1. redrover Avatar

    The gauntlet is thrown down!

  2. lewis Avatar

    if it comes to pass that you are going to fire 000’s of rounds thru a PSA, please wear bomb disposal gear.

  3. Steve Avatar

    I just bought a Century RAS47 and then all of this comes out. Thanks Rob for standing up for us shooters.

  4. James Avatar

    Glad you guys are looking out for us. It is hard to find this level of detail from most reviewers, goodness knows these manufactures don’t want to share when they use cheap parts. If any of them take the challenge, my guess would be Century, seeing how they improved their C39 with the V2. I posted a negative review about my PSAK barreled receiver about a week ago, still isn’t showing on the website. Main complaints being the cast trunnions and incomplete finish on the barrel. To add insult, they removed the parts kits for the Gen 1 builds only about a week after I got the the barreled receiver, so now I’ve got to buy parts from multiple sources just to get what I need to finish the rifle. Not that I really want to buy anything else from PSA any time soon. Maybe the AKOUL challenge will change my mind.

  5. Tyler Avatar

    Thanks for your time Rob and others. Truly appreciated

  6. Den Ski Avatar
    Den Ski

    Thanks for this information on the cast trunnion drama. I ordered a psak kit and then 24hours later came across your last post calling out the brands using castings. I cancelled my order the next morning. I hope these brands can own up to their decisions to use castings and accept your challenge.

  7. Matt Avatar

    Glad I was lucky with my c39v2 when were paying this type of money for a rifle we expect decent quality if we have to spend a couple grand what’s the point we are AK enthusiasts not millionaire weapon buffs nobody should have to play the AK lottery especially when certain malfunctions endanger our lives get your shit together Century and others

    1. Eric Avatar

      Its the end of 2019.
      Has anyone taken you up on this?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        PSA released forged trunnions, IO stopped making AKs (for now), they are supposedly re-tooling and should have forged trunnions, KUSA didn’t make full size AK yet…

  8. Jd Avatar

    Kalashnikov USA uses cast trunnions?? Can you list specific models pleas?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      They said at shot show that they will have forged trunnion on 7.62×39.

  9. Lance Reynolds Avatar
    Lance Reynolds

    Just want to say thanks for looking out for us. I try to do my homework but there’s so many variables. I was about to buy a RAS47. Now I’m definitely gonna go with an SLR 107-31. Really appreciate all you guys do!

  10. Frank Segal Avatar
    Frank Segal

    Can I swap out different components trunnions ,bolt ,bolt carry group and other parts with forged parts from other manufactured aim rifles companies parts and if so can you steer me in the right direction to pur chase them. Your doing one hell of a job and we the people appreciated ,thank you for your time.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, but swapping trunnion is a major thing, unless you have your own tools and equipment…not cost effective for end user at all.

  11. Randy Avatar

    Will you also be inviting European and other manufacturers to do the same or is their quality beyond dispute?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Randy, mil surplus parts are proven already…

      1. Randy Avatar

        Really? I’m sorry , but I must have missed that 50,000 round tests that made mil surplus as
        ” proven ”

        Seems rather unscientific to not have the PROVEN ALREADY ones as a control standard to the test, for comparison to the US made AK47’s. Am I missing something here on methodology procedure? My apologies.

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          I’m not sure how did you missed that, maybe you don’t pay attention to AKs very much, anyhow, they can withstand between 80k to 90k rounds on full auto. So, asking for roughly 50% of that mark, from something what claims to be “Golden AK manufacturing standard” isn’t that much…

          1. Randy Avatar

            Quite the contrary as far as paying attention to AK’s very much. Just seems unfair to not have these ‘proven” rifles not having to do the same test as their ” unproven” American made brethren. What’s the harm anyway? Just another letter to write, and with your connections and reputation I’m sure they would be happy to show just how ” proven ” they are compared to the USA made newbies.

            What’s the harm in including them?

          2. P Avatar

            Randy has a good point. Others may have the rounds record *from back in the day*. Also they were not dropped in the same way, etc, to my knowledge. Much respect Robski, but times and products change (old Euro or any models of yesterday might not be the same today), so please include Euro models in the testing, too. Coming from a scientist (Ph.D), that would be a more sound/fair test.

  12. JFR Avatar

    Century Arms…..Remember the 5.45 x 39 AK. The bullets hitting sideways at 25 yards. They argued there was nothing wrong with the gun. 🙂 🙂 There’s a reason it’s cast. Use your common sense.

  13. scotty Avatar

    FKNA Rob Ski!

  14. Shawn Avatar

    I have been following on Facebook and your vids. Did anyone ever just give you the rifles for testing? It looks like you are the one footing the bill to prove their product. I have another idea Rob. Why not get with one of the manufacturers and do a signature series of rifle.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Well, i have purchased out of my own pocket RAs 47 and 5k rds and started this series:

  15. Commander Dr. Bob Matthews Avatar
    Commander Dr. Bob Matthews

    Well. Rob it looks like your responses have stimulated a conversation on quality assurance I too have seen your videos and they are compelling. Keep up the good work and we value those who are objective and honest in their reviews as you have been with the. R. A. S. A. K 47 Century . Long live the. Republic. Spaceba. Rob:) . C. D. R. Dr. Bob. Matthews

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That was the idea. And i’m happy to see that manufacturers reacted to it…let’s wait and see now…
      Ps. thanks for being with us.

  16. Frans Avatar

    Rob, every question I ever had about AK has been answered on your site. I hope at least IO, Inc. takes up the challenge.

    If I recall correctly IO announced a “Purist” model AK with (heh heh) FORGED trunnion! This is Uli Weigand’s way of admitting he is wrong.

    Many a time I was told by gun salesmen investment cast 1911 frames as good as forged. My question always was, “why do forged 1911’s cost $200 more on average?”.

    If I had known more about how IO made their AK’s, I never would have bought one. It’s been an adventure trying to make it work. Passed 1000 rounds with Hungarian recoil assembly.

    Since Weigand is hiring a legitimate gun writer (LOL) to assess IO AK, I think you will never get their rifle plus 50,000 rounds for testing. I believe that is what he is saying when he replied about his upcoming test.

    Checked IO Site. Testimonial Section coming soon. That is a lie! They had one and took it down.

    Lastly, I’m sitting on a pile of Tula and Red Army Standard, at least 1000 rounds. Although I removed IO recoil assembly and replaced with Hungarian parts, I still have IO parts. It apparently has cast trunnion.

    I am soooo temped to submit it to you for testing.

    I would love to help you challenge IO. The battle between two naturalized American vets against a dual citizen. I love it!

  17. robP Avatar

    I just watched your video with the psa ak47 going 5000 rounds and you said it all ended up good. But even though they use cast bcg and trunnions. Would you still not recommend them? I have an npapdf and love it, but want a fixed stock too and find a psa for 500. Just not sure if I should get it or not. Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I honestly don’t know what they are doing now. They have tier like structure for rifles. They are offering milled and forged sets…

  18. Nloan Avatar

    As of 5/24/2017 all Riley Defense AK rifles incorporate new Mil Spec Forged Trunions. Would you recommend this Ak?

  19. Nloan Avatar

    Edit….Rob, As of 5/24/2017 all Riley Defense AK rifles incorporate new Mil Spec Forged Trunions. Would you recommend buying an Ak from them?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have zero experience with Riley…

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