Pimp my AK47: Wasr10 Edition!!!

By popular request, Pimp my AK47: Wasr10 Edition!!!

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5 responses to “Pimp my AK47: Wasr10 Edition!!!”

  1. Hector Avatar

    The cheese grater heats but releases heat. It can’t be held, depends, without gloves & the lower plastic is vulnerable to melting 2x as fast. However, when SCUBA diving, we already wear neoprene SCUBA diving gloves & replace them, with TAC ones. I don’t carry 2 sets of gloves. Gloves can’t be fingerless because hands & fingers bleed underwater, get infected and swell for days. Wood is good, okay w/me & lasts 2x as long. I like metal folders, they can be used as prying tools. Paint, I don’t care, spray or hydro-dip for looks – both good. I use desert & modern digital CAMO in flora type because desert & jungle vet.

  2. Hector Avatar

    I think the pimp’n videos aren’t getting comments because fakes don’t pimp. I was 7, when I got my first head shot, ‘nothing but brains coming out the head. Most people play, with legos & thundercats, at that age. That probably beats, everyone on base. – former PimP.

  3. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    Nothing to add, regarding the video, just saying Thanks, again, for your painting advice last year.
    I DO have a little tip regarding spraypaint.
    IF you have access to a secure place in sunlight, you can bake it on with a car window reflector.
    Prop that up ,set the piece up so it doesn’t, touch the ground (or reflector)* and leave it. Turn it every hour or so.
    1 afternoon will do, but cycling it from hot to cool for a few days is better.
    *bent coat hangers work well for this.

  4. Hector Avatar

    Yeap, I hydro dip too but it leaves ink residue, if contacted, with strong chemicals. The dipping holds up well though & much stronger than spraying paint. I just don’t like sealing my barrel & receiver, with paint. I wrap, with CAMO cloth & the rubber bands are for nearby shrubs. A basic gas exchange still has to occur. Overseas, I use MILSPEC approved spray paint from the bases – OD. If I’m in the jungles & am going to old concrete & underground bunkers, ect. I just use cans from the local U.S Army base. Desert & jungle colors.

    1. Hector Avatar

      The U.S Army has WWII decomishioned bunkers & puts weights in ’em to exercise with – completely dark, no AC & no electricity. BYO food & water. The CO doesn’t like us in there but he can go ‘on too, nerd.

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