AK47 (new) ProMag – Stress Test!

AK47 (new) ProMag 30rds + 50rds Drum – Stress Test!
NOTE: ProMag Drum MSRP will be $69.95 not $65.95

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4 responses to “AK47 (new) ProMag – Stress Test!”

  1. Hector Avatar

    So, it is not a battle mag or strong but works for sport, got it. I can’t believe that, I saw a cracked AK mag, that can’t be. I passed up, on the 40 rounder; I like the new generation PMAGs better. I agree, yes, the 50 rd drum has a place in formation, between rifleman & maybe a patrol light machine gunner (LMG) but not, as a dedicated squad automatic weapon (SAW). Okay. For SCUBA diving & training, I place 30 rounders in plastic air tight bags & that’s it. Good video.

  2. vorkosigan Avatar

    Nice review. Still, I’m holding off on these, since Pro mag has a well earned rep for producing sub standard magazines, even worse than tapco. My plastic AK mag needs have already been filled by Magpuls Pmag gen 3 and the few circle 10s i have. still the 50 round drum looks interesting- (a lot like Magpuls d-60 mag for the AR)
    More compact and lighter than the Romy pattern 75 round drum, just have to wait and let others be the beta testers and reveal any problems,see if it’s a worthwhile product or just more pro mag junk

  3. Christopher Lambert Avatar

    I got the drum and somehow about 7 or 8 rounds got trapped under the loading plate and im gonna have to take it apart..im pissed

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Take it apart see if any dirt isn’t there. Add some light coat of oil on moving parts too…

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