Zeroing AK47: The American Way!

Step by step zeroing procedure on AK47 rifles with use of Zero targets from Steve V. To buy those targets from him, email him at

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4 responses to “Zeroing AK47: The American Way!”

  1. Hector Avatar

    For 25 yd, I agree totally. With a new barrel, under 1-2K & at 100 yd, a 5 group drops in a NRA pistol target bullseye circle. I can do it but I zero cold & clean … Yes way, we need to be shoot’n some open bullseyes. Superb video AKOU, thank you.

    1. Hector Avatar

      I want to add, I use “1” at 100 yd, after zeroing at 25 yd on “2.” I feedback the same basic spread but much tighter, due to rifle and barrel, under 1K rds. NRA target D-1/D-2 used. I also use the U.S Army’s 25 meter Alterante C-Course of Fire, two rounds each silhouette. However, when just zeroing at 25 yd & hitt’n dots, I use Walmart 1 inch label stick on circles and all have to hit each dot for a 5 rd group.

      At 100 yd, I have days, where I hit all D-1/D-2 bullseyes, others, where one drops out and yet others, where half bullseye. At 100 yd, I fire, every 5-7 sec, maybe 10 max, if I’m bullseyeing for 100%. Yes, I read wind & holds; I use AKOU’s wind chart – max 28 mph. On windy days, I get a basic AK-47 spread but I never shoot anywhere near as bad as web videos. I never use civil web videos , as a reliable source or ones, using red dots & ‘scope hits all over the place. I use AKOU & myself, as sources. I would rebarrel that thing.

      Basically, to tie me, you would have to shoot all bullseyes, with an AK or AR.

  2. Derek Avatar

    so instead of the whole 9″ higher than poa at 100 yards on the 3 setting, why not just zero poa/ poi at 100 yards on 1??

    1. Hector Avatar

      To accustom shooters for the 300 & 100 meter distances, which places 200 meters at center mass as well. 3-1-2, center mass.

      I use setting “2” for the U.S Army’s 25 Meter C-Qual Course. I then change the setting to “1” for 100 yards and don’t adjust. I could adjust. For multiple targets to 300 yards: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 & 300 meters/yards, I use battle setting from my “2 @ 25 yd” or “1 @ 100 yd” zero.

      Drive-by’s & CQB are examples. They are inside of 100 yards; so, a 25 yard zero would be better & target hits are lower. At -25 yards, if you aim center mass, you hit lower, the gut. AK vs. AK firefights, in like drive-by’s, you ‘wanna go, with a Draco or underfolder because of car windows & shooting in rooms. So, I have used all of the settings.

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