Yugo AK47 Upgrades – M4 Stock Adapter, Optics and More!

Yugo AK47 Upgrades – M4 Stock Adapter, Optics and More!

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13 responses to “Yugo AK47 Upgrades – M4 Stock Adapter, Optics and More!”

  1. Heath Avatar

    Good to see you back Robski. How training went well and hope you and your family has a merry Christmas

  2. Scott G Avatar
    Scott G

    Rob is this a third new NPAP? If so do you mind saying when was it purchased and perhaps provide the serial number range? I believe your previous one (2016) was 053xxx. My own NPAP, purchased just last month, is 056xxx. Also do you have any plans to upgrade the recoil spring? A weak recoil spring could have been the only real issue with the last one, resulting in the occasional fail to feed (not enough spring tension to pick up a round and move the bolt all the way forward), as well as the minor damage to the rear of the receiver (jettisoned spring clip and cracks, from slamming rearward too hard)?? The fact that the rifle always ejected spent cases so far could indicate these NPAPs are a bit over gassed. I’m thinking a heavier recoil spring could be the answer.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, this is my 3rd NPAP. I will upgrade recoil spring at some time, but this one is really stiff so far…

  3. Hector Avatar

    Very good video. A light weight stock is always a plus. My sling is leather Hungarian.

  4. engineer2001 Avatar

    This video convinced me to buy one of the M4 stock adapters for my M70 to replace my ACE block and pig nose adapter. The Definitive Arms adapter looks really well-made and looks great on the rifle. Can’t wait to try it out.

  5. Mike Edwards Avatar
    Mike Edwards

    third time’s the charm Rob! I picked up the underfolder yesterday and am grabbing a wolff XP or Alg ACT spring to replace the weaker N-pap spring to make sure that rear trunnion doesn’t get abused like your first two fixed stock variants … x fingers, as $537.99 for a full combloc underfolder is hard to pass up

    1. Tim N Avatar
      Tim N

      I’d like to know what the tail on your bolt carrier looks like after a few hundred rounds. I hope you got a good one.

  6. Joseph_gunny Avatar

    hi Rob, can you comment on if the Definitive Arms AKM stock adaptor for m4 buffer tube works well with AKM iron sights? I heard the Definitive Arms stock tube adaptor is set a little higher so the cheek weld is higher; is it still comfortable to shoot iron sights? I am looking for an iron sights build.


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is comfortable for me and anyone i know shoots irons with it without any issues. But we aren’t all made the same way. It is possible that some people may have problems because of the way how bones were structures in their faces…

      1. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
        Lawrence Otwell

        When I put an adjustable AR-type stock on my WASR, I noticed my cheek-weld was a bit high for the iron sights. Not impossible to get a sight picture but required effort. The guns original Tapco folding stock was perfect for the irons but I was adding an optic. Iā€™m sure the AR straight stock is the issue.

        1. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
          Lawrence Otwell

          Full disclosure – I have a big old melon of a head with wide cheek bones.

          1. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            Lol, i know what you mean, yes, for some people this could be a problem. Solution for this would be to zero irons at higher elevation of the rear slider.

  7. tj36b Avatar

    I would love to see you do a testing of a m72 rpk. I bought the James River Armory carbine version, and it’s been a great rifle, the only real drawback is it’s HEAVY! The finned barrel really sets it apart.

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