AK47 Drum Magazine for less than $60?!

AK47 Drum Magazine for less than $60?!
Bring it on!

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5 responses to “AK47 Drum Magazine for less than $60?!”

  1. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    Just curious: What’s the weight (empty/loaded) ?

    1. Hector Avatar

      Using a cheap analog gauge, 2.5 lbs. empty and about 5.0 lbs. full. I ran 75 rounds, through the drum, at 3 turns, no malfunctions. I did not obstacle test. It fits looser than the PMAG gen 1 and 2, which means, it likely fits a wide variety of wells. Civil sporting, good training.

  2. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
    Lawrence Otwell

    Appreciate the video. Just pondering what’s probably obvious to everyone else – I can buy six decent 30-round mags for the same money and don’t need an instruction book to load them. Thanks to Rob for saving the rest of us the time/ammo.

  3. Ruben Avatar

    We need more videos let try a Daewoo rifle, lwrc AR, or original Galil. I love the blog and testing you do.

  4. Hector Avatar

    For 2018, the new color instructions say, “about 3 rotations,” on page eight. Thought I would share that. It’s for the illustrated see-through and metal cover. So, the covers look to be interchangeable.

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