C39V2 3000rds Later! I’m Not DEAD!!!

C39V2 3000rds Later! I’m Not DEAD!!!

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16 responses to “C39V2 3000rds Later! I’m Not DEAD!!!”

  1. engineer2001 Avatar

    Rob, please review one of the Blackheart AKs with Krink-style top cover at Atlantic Firearms.


    It looks cool, but I would like to see it drop-tested and see if it holds zero. I know you and Paul will run it through the ringer and work out the issues, if it has any.

  2. Hector Avatar

    Great video, it looks like the rifle is doing real good. I’m mixing in a Russian Izhevsk 91/30 1943 Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R for some bolt action training. So, AKM break time for a few weeks. Going back out to the 1,000 yd range. Thank’s AKOU & best to all.

  3. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    Have been holding out hope, but I’m losing my enthusiasm.
    The wear on the rail, at the front…I dunno, man.
    Over my, own, AKs I’ve never seen that; in your videos, I’ve never seen that.
    Scratches, dings, dents…a bit of banged over metal, no problem. Locking lugs chipping a rail to pieces, no thanks.

  4. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    The rail chip in the right side of the rail …. I’ve seen this movie before on the “Texas Gun Smith ” C39V2 review
    video in 2015 or 2016 …. this was disturbing to this Gun Smith , and it should be disturbing to anyone wanting
    to purchase a C39V2 .
    Getting to the obviously ” soft bolt lugs ” , this trick or treat gun ” may ” or “may not ” be safe to shoot after
    5000 rounds but I would not hold my breath …. looks like Century may need to start forging the receivers as
    well as the bolts and carriers .

  5. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Can’t wait to see what these locking lugs look like after the next ” test episode ” …. Hector ! – what have you been
    smoking ?? ( It looks like the rifle is doing real good ! ) . Perhaps I misread you and you were mocking the results .
    With the new Russian sling , I have about $860 in my walnut stock C39v2 S.H.T.F. rifle …. makes me kind of mad !
    This cosmetically beautiful rifle fooled me , but than again , that is what the turds at Century Arms designed it to
    do …. to fool the buyer ! I am looking at a significant loss here , if I decide to get rid of it …. and all because some turd , over at Century , decided to squeeze a few more dollars out of the buyer , instead of going with
    forged critical parts …. I think that a Class Action Lawsuit would be ” just the thing ” to change their behavior !

  6. Hector Avatar

    Yeah, hahahaha. Century has a 1 yr warranty; if it breaks afterwards, parts gun. That’s the game, consumers pay more for less, replacement parts cost. That was Obama’s economic stimulus package. Anyway, I read somewhere that, the U.S sold WASR’s to the Iraq Army for like $60-$85 each, for their defense ofcourse. Me, I got a plain vanilla M16 carry handle, with open sights, no optics & a nice morning wakeup call.

    Worth= How much does it cost in dollars? A tangible “x” amount.
    Value= Is it quality or does it have sentimental value to a person?

  7. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Hector , the real game is that 90% of these guns sold never even get fired and Century knows this …. the token
    1 year warranty is window dressing to these shysters ! …. my personal opinion is that Brother Robski has been
    ” too gracious ” in his videos when it comes to pointing out the parts of this rifle that haven’t broken “yet ” .
    I am not forgetting the used C39V2 rifle that I examined at a Gun Show , with only 600 rounds fired …. the damn
    thing had a stress crack on the bolt lug ( improper heat treat ) …. we will probably never even actually know how
    many of these cluster fucks are even out there …. but , that is the ” real game ” that Century plays …. a game
    that they will never have to answer for !

    1. Hector Avatar

      Standard number one is 5,000 rds for the 1947-1959 designs. In translation, the European WASR Agreement says that, civil AK-47’s and AKM ‘s can never be built to MILSPEC standards again. This is the first fact that needs to be understood. Even if a U.S buyer wants a Hungarian, WASR or NPAP, the parts come from defective parts bins and are for specific sport builds only. That is all.

      You said, ” … thing had a stress crack on the bolt lug ( improper heat treat ) …. we will probably never even actually know how.” This is my answer to that: actually, we will know because the carrier has the letter “x” lightly inscribed twice, most notable on the side of the well of the carrier. Century also does it for spare & replacement parts. They will inscribe “C39, RAS, ect.”

      The AK’s are still more reliable than AR-15’s, even based on failures alone. AR-15’s use aluminum & plastic receivers, which is ridiculous. That is as cheap & plastic as it gets.

      Century AK’s don’t break at 600 rounds, sorry bud. That is just hearsay, which doesn’t carry weight. Check your mag’s cutout – perfect. Any missing metals is not knowing what the trunnion is supposed to look like. How did you check the stress crack? Where you carrying a -400 nanometer (nm) ultraviolet (UV) light beam, with you? I don’t believe you and think that you are tripping out.

      School will teach you to replace curse words, with intelligence – schooling.

      1. Tim N Avatar
        Tim N

        I had a century arms N-Pap and got rid of it after 300 rounds. The carrier was wearing out so bad that I wasn’t about to push it to 600 rounds. It was a garbage rifle and I’m very glad that I got rid of it.

  8. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I noticed that FFL Dealer reviews for both the RAS 47 and C39V2 rifles are ” over the top again ” .
    This time , there is a claim of 4 1/2 star reviews that are almost hilarious …. one such ” satisfied buyer ” claimed
    that he has fired 6000 rounds in his C39V2 and has yet to see any wear on the bolt and carrier .
    Another guy , with 600 rounds fired , makes about the same claim and slams anyone who is a Century Arms
    Hater .
    These are some of the ” best ” Fractured Fairy Tales ” I have seen ” to date ” !
    These Internet Dealers really must be hurting…. they should have never got involved with these ” trick or treat ”
    rifles , in the first place !

    1. Josh Coder Avatar
      Josh Coder

      10’s of thousands of satisfied customers and counting… They keep selling and people keep buying for a reason. I have a C39 and C39v2, plus a few other AK pattern rifles. I have put well over 5000 rounds through both rifles and have never had a single issue and my paint still looks great. I have replaced the wood furniture on them as I don’t care for wood on my firearms so I can’t comment on how it does or does not hold up. Never owned a RAS and can’t comment on the durability of those either… What I can say is this… At the $600 price point you can’t beat a C39v2 PERIOD! I can buy 1 rifle, put a mount, scope, rail, and whatever else I want, AND replace a bolt, or whatever, here or there as needed for less than the cost of 1 WAAAAAY overpriced Arsenal build (I have an SGL-31 which I love dearly but I would NEVER spend that kind of money for an AK pattern rifle again except in the case of a Vepr FM if I could find one). AND if I have to scrap out a C39v2, I can buy a 2nd one and STILL be way way ahead of the game!

  9. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Sorry Hector , I know a stress crack when I see one …. I put 30 years in at a Steel Mill that produced Axle Grade
    Cast Steel …. When I worked at the Chem Lab , stress testing steel ,I was trained to identify what stress cracks
    look , and yes , feel like …. what I detected was a stress crack – and it was large enough to alarm even the most
    ” intelligent imbecile ” …. believe it or not !
    What in the world is the European WASR Agreement ? perhaps Brother Robski can enlighten us on this important
    Agreement ! …. I am not accusing anyone of spreading ” Fractured Fairy Tales ” , I just need to know if Century
    Arms was possibly forced to use soft cast steel in my C39V2 …. who out there can answer this ?

  10. Josh Coder Avatar
    Josh Coder

    Rob what stock adapter are you using for this setup?

  11. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
    Lawrence Otwell

    Is Rob deployed or on assignment? Not much activity on AKOU recently.

    1. Tim N Avatar
      Tim N

      Either or, not sure which. He said he’d be back at the end of the year.

  12. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Well fellas , it has been confirmed that ” The International Wasar Agreement ” , as I expected , is just another
    ” Fractured Fairy Tale ” …. isn’t that right Hector ! .
    What I did find out was : Unlike the soft wood now being found on the 2017 C39v2 rifles , the earlier walnut
    rifles have the better ( more robust ) wood …. obviously a cost cutting measure to protect fat profits , at the
    expense of the buyer …. if you see one of these ” light colored , glorified balsa wood C39v2’s – run , don’t
    walk to the next corner !
    Evidence is also mounting that some of these C39v2 rifle batches actually have decent metallurgy , as it
    relates to the ” soft bolt anomaly ” we keep hearing about …. a ” crap shoot ” that no buyer should ever
    want to get involved in !

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