Bad Ass Vepr FM M-Lok Rail!

Bad Ass Vepr FM M-Lok Rail is finally HERE!!! This is truly awesome upgrade for your Vepr FM guys.
Full Video:

YouTube video

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7 responses to “Bad Ass Vepr FM M-Lok Rail!”

  1. Hector Frank Franceschini Avatar
    Hector Frank Franceschini

    Good looking rifle. Yes, it is much stronger. Good video.

  2. Uziel Avatar

    Got my handguard today. Not sure why but a cant get the handguard retainer swung to where it is secured. I have tried pliers, hammer etc. it almost seems like the new handguard is too long. Anyone else experience this or have any recommendations?

    1. Sean Avatar

      This reply is coming a bit late, but might help someone else with this problem. The lower handguard (TDi VEPR L) was also a bit long on my VEPR FM. I ended up using a dremel and a file to grind the end of the handguard down. It was time consuming and you’ll want to frequently put it on the rifle to check the fit. It probably took less than 1 mm of removed length for a very good and tight fit. Of note, I also installed the Ultimak M3B rail, which fits with the handguard nicely; but the retainer will not rotate closed with the Ultimak tube installed. Turn the rifle upside down, place the Ultimak clamps on the barrel, install the lower handguard and lock the retainer in place, THEN install the Ultimak rail and screw it onto the clamps. Good luck.

  3. Uziel Avatar

    Ok nevermind. A little time with a Dremel and a mallet was all it took. It looks great and does fit nicely with the Ultimak.

  4. William Mrdeza Avatar
    William Mrdeza

    Great hand guard for the Vepr FM! Fits tight (with a little help from Mr. Mallet) and is rock solid. Mine was ever so slightly too long as I too had difficulty getting the hand guard retainer to close. I ended up slowly flat sanding the front of the hand guard (sand, fit, sand, fit) until the retainer was finally able to close on a tight fit. If you run into a similar issue, take your time In order to preserve the tight lock up of the hand guard. Hey, it is AK, so expect some grinding and hammering to be involved! Thanks, Rob, for working to bring a great hand guard option for the Vepr to the market.

  5. Keith Avatar

    Can anyone give me a link to the video on how to reassemble the bolt for fm ak47-11 I would appreciate it greatly!!!!!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It’s very similar to this:

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