New Arsenal: SLR107R (Fixed Stock) 1000rds Later!

New Arsenal: SLR107R (Fixed Stock) 1000rds Later!
Most exciting rifle of Shot Show, “budget” Arsenal AK, enters the 5k rounds challenge!

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5 responses to “New Arsenal: SLR107R (Fixed Stock) 1000rds Later!”

  1. vorkosigan Avatar

    I note you use the “cheese grater” upper hand guard on most of your pesonal use AKs. I’m considering one of these(from your store)– what is the advantage, other than looking cool? Being metal, I would think that they would heat up and offer less protection for your hand than wood or plastic gas tube covers– do you find this is true, or am I missing something?

  2. macsr63 Avatar

    I just bought one of these rifles, glad to see it’s holding up to your testing. I was going to upgrade mine some and noticed in the pictures on multiple weapons, you have the optics on a mount on the top cover. Do you prefer it here or forward on a gas tube mount ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Every time when you have a side rail, use side rail.

  3. Avatar,
    im on the fence about the Arsenal SLR107-11. i currently have several AK’s in my collection (4) mak-90’s, FEG, WASR and a O-PAP. my fav is my MAK-90 R&D copy that my bro-n-law helped me build, its the one i run the most with the O-PAP coming in 2nd .
    my question, as a collector is this a must have weapon or should i save my money and 922r one of my other MAK’s ? your input is appreciated .

    former U.S. Army
    7th Infantry Div. .

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get the SLr107-11

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