AK74 in SteelOps action…;-)

Video filming in progress – more material will be coming out involving AK74 on our channel.
Make AK74 Great Again!

5 responses to “AK74 in SteelOps action…;-)”

  1. Travis R. Avatar
    Travis R.

    These videos are very difficult to view compared to the ones from Youtube. I can’t view at all on my phone and they take forever to load from home. What format is this and why do you use it on these short videos?

  2. John rose Avatar
    John rose


    Video format sucks! Make akou video great again please!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is full HD…what else you want?

      1. Zac Avatar

        I had no problem on a PC. The quality is fine especially for a teaser of a full episode IMHO.

  3. Adam Boglesson Avatar

    Great teaser Rob! Digging the set up on that 74!

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