Magpul Precision Rifle / Sniper Stock Gen3

Magpul Precision Rifle / Sniper Stock Gen3 is simply awesome. It offers 1/32″ step (per click) adjustments, so you can fine tune it for your body.
I had a chance to run it little bit, short video below.
We will have more on it, down the line, but Magpul really nailed it with that one.
Rifle total weight with optic and bipod is 12 lbs and 11oz now. That’s not bad at all!

2 responses to “Magpul Precision Rifle / Sniper Stock Gen3”

  1. Mike Avatar

    How did you film that last shot? Fucking Awesome!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We use camera with 83x optic zoom – works great, but you have to be careful on windy days, because this long lens is shaking in the wind like crazy…lol

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