Arsenal SLR104, 4000rds Later

Arsenal SLR104, 4000rds Later

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13 responses to “Arsenal SLR104, 4000rds Later”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Excellent video, thanks for making it. Regarding your triangle folder, what are you using there for a cheek riser? It looks like something that is taped over. I was exploring options for that same stock.


  2. Austin Braune Avatar
    Austin Braune

    Quick question.
    Yugo Npap hammer is making contact with recoil spring when fired.
    I tried a longer hammer spring assembly, no fix.
    will this eventually destroy the recoil spring?
    Did Zastava drill the hammer pin hole to high?
    Did they put in the wrong size hammer?

    Or is it an AK it will be fine, just through it down the hill a couple of times and it will work itself out?
    I just don’t want a broken recoil spring flying in my face…..

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pics of what is exactly happening? My email:

      1. Austin Braune Avatar
        Austin Braune

        Thank you very much and I apologize for bombarding the blog and YOUTUBE comment bar with this question that’s not on topic with the conversation at hand. I will send you picks as soon as I can.
        (This Description to go along with the picks when they arrive.)

        1)With the dust cover off, pull the trigger and let the hammer fly forward.
        2) When the hammer is about 1/2 inch away from the firing pin, the hammer sear starts to scrape the bottom of the recoil spring.
        3) When the hammer is at full forward travel and is resting against the firing pin and bolt assembly, there is “0” NO, Nada, clearance between the hammer and the recoil spring, the hammer sear is touching the recoil spring at this point.
        Note: On all other AK rifles there is about a couple of millimeters 1/4″ to 1/2 inches of clearance between the hammer and the recoil spring. Not on this one [M70 YUGO NPAP] gen 1 I think, the one with the fat butt stock with the high cheek comb and rubber butt pad.
        Note: Tried to use my recoil assembly from my AK63D Milled Underforlder (A longer assembly) to see if maybe the shorter YUGO assembly was sagging, Not the problem, It still scraped.
        ( I checked all my pins, tried to use a pin retainer plate to see if it was a pin issue, Noting, Same problem.

  3. Austin Braune Avatar
    Austin Braune

    I don’t know where to post this question, I have been posting it here and on Youtube, the “1-800-AKfix hotline” JK,.. was not responding.
    Not trying to post anything out of place or off topic but this problem was smack dab in my face the whole time and now its got me shook up, now that I have discovered it.
    And what is worse is that in all my searching on the internet I cant find anyone else with this issue on any rifle…..
    No diagnosis, no related issues, nothing… Guys Ive talked to that work on these rifles haven’t even heard of this before…….
    If any one has a diagnosis, please respond.

    1. E.T. Avatar

      Hey Rob, Do not let my last comment be posted. I was being an idiot. Two seconds of looking at the inside of my Maadi and I was smacking my my face.

  4. Drey Avatar

    Hello Rob I’m looking to buy my first ak and was wondering what would you recommend below $800 the new production wasr 10 or a vepr 7.62×39 or something else? My buddy just purchased the Vepr FM AK47 and I love the gun shoots great but don’t want to spend so much, I’m looking for best accuracy and reliability under $800.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Arsenal SLR107-11 is $849…

  5. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, I gotta ask you. Soon I will be purchasing a ak74 variant and I really like the vepr fm -11 74 but, if money is not an issue should I pass up a definitive arms dak74 or a jemak ak 74? Thanks in advance.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Definitive Arms > Jmak. Period.

  6. Roger Avatar

    Thanks Rob and just so everyone knows none of us and of course myself included wouldn’t have questions like this without the AWESOME job you do, I hope everyone realizes just how special the things you doing really are, thank you!

  7. Zach D Avatar
    Zach D

    Hey Rob have you had any issues with stuck casings in the 5.45×39 before with the poly/laquer coatings? maybe not with this particular gun because you havent had any failures but in general with the ak74? If you haven’t already done the footage for the 5000 rounds video maybe you could try and heat the gun up then let it cool down with a round in the chamber to see if it will stick just to test the myth. One more thing, it looks like the BCG is hitting the rear trunnion, I noticed this on the SLR-107 you tested and both of my arsenal rifles seem to do this. Do you think it will turn out to ever be an issue? Thanks for everything you do for the ak world!
    -Zach from Tennessee

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I only had problem with wolf 69gr.
      @Bolt carrier hitting trunnion – if this will become an issue, then i will upgrade recoil spring to make it stop. At this point, this isn’t a problem yet.

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