Arsenal SLR104: 5000 Smiles Later!

Arsenal SLR104: 5000 Smiles Later!
Final episode in epic 5000 rounds challenge!

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14 responses to “Arsenal SLR104: 5000 Smiles Later!”

  1. Connor Avatar

    Hell yeah made it through with flying colors. I just wish there was more 7N6 around. Hey you should give “dirty whore on payday” a chance to be the second rifle to make it all the way through! Haha

  2. E.T. Avatar

    I really wish 5.45 was more popular here in the states. For the guy on the budget, with family and bills, it is a hard sell to the Mrs.

  3. Roger Avatar

    Great job Rob, I agree I sure wish someone domestically would make good ammo like they do for other calibers, anyway thanks Rob

  4. Derek Avatar

    The barrel crown plays a big part in a rifle’s accuracy. Maybe all that fouling at the muzzle has created a “false crown” that is disturbing the bullet’s departure from the barrel and causing the poor groups. I’d definitely clean that up before the next accuracy test.

    1. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
      Nathan Hamlin

      Had the same thought when I saw it.

      1. Brian Avatar

        It could be real barrel wear. The faster the bullet the faster the barrel wears out. A 5.45 barrel wont last nearly as long as 7.62

        1. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
          Nathan Hamlin

          Fair point.

  5. Stephen Avatar

    Rob Ski,

    Great series. Thanks for all the work you guys put in to make this possible. Is the slr104 in this series a fixed or side folding variant? I am thinking about buying one, but I can only find the side folding variant. Can the side variant be converted to a fixed stock?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is side folding rifle. It can’t be converted to fixed stock, but you can use tube adapters to put M4 stocks for example.

  6. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob ,im sure you have a fully converted siaga, how does that compare to slr104 ? Do you like one or the other? Thanks and great job

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I prefer fixed stocks – totally don’t care for folding stocks. I like my saiagas a lot man.

  7. Roger Avatar

    Thanks Rob, I feel the same way .just purchased a fully converted siaga in 5.45×39 at a good price and wasn’t sure about that or a 104fr but after I shot it I didn’t think the 104 would be any better/comfortable. Thanks Rob, I ordered a couple of your t-shirts to support the union.

  8. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob a little late with this question, have you used any new magpul 5.45 x39 mags yet? If you did what you think? Thanks in advance

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, sorry, not yet…

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