2016 with AKOU! Mooo Ha Ha!

Rifles made like Oreo cookies, cows attack, front posts shifting from recoil, using rocks to nail rivets back, bubbling paint from shooting, cracked receivers, deformed trunnions, broken extractors, “Rambo Shit” and Vepr AHOO = 2016 with AKOU! Ha!
2016 was a year when some predicted to be “end of the Union”…we are still around and growing faster than ever!
Buckle up for 2017 because it is going to be even more crazy! lol!
Thanks for being with us! Have a great New Year’s Eve – party hard!!!!
Vepr AK47, 5000rds Later – KING of the Hill!

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7 responses to “2016 with AKOU! Mooo Ha Ha!”

  1. Roger Avatar

    Happy new year guys, thanks for everything and all the reviews. Keep up the great work and the union will only grow stronger, maybe this year we’ll see if the sam7 is as good as it’s price as well

  2. Gibby Avatar

    Nice fun vid Rob, I love it. Happy 2017 to you, Paul, and Ula.

  3. Marc Avatar

    Hell yeah, here’s to a great 2017 for AKOU as well. Cheers mates.

  4. Tyler Avatar

    Hey Rob will the Magpul fixed and Magpul folding stock fit my FM ak47? Thanks and happy new year!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It could be made to fit. I have seen that done. Not that hard.

  5. Jeff Avatar

    Keep up the good work

    Happy new year.

  6. vorkosigan Avatar

    Video was great fun, Rob. Happy New Year! Here’s hoping there will be more Vepr-like beasts and fewer oreo cookie rifles in 2017.

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