DDI AK47S Made in USA – Under the Hood!

DDI AK47S Made in USA – Under the Hood!
Their online price, as of 11/4/16 is $899.99

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3 responses to “DDI AK47S Made in USA – Under the Hood!”

  1. Spencer Avatar

    Looking forward to your review from the farm. Will be purchasing one of of your review. Thanks

  2. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    I’ve got the hammer forged milled version from DDI, and a stamped polish version of the AK from DDI. The stamped version has a 4140 barrel in it and a slant gas block, but the trunions are the new DDI versions. Both rifles have been tricked out with ALG enhanced triggers and other products from the union store, and they shoot great. I don’t beat the hell out of the guns like the AKOU does, but I believe this gun can take it. I’ve been waiting on this test. Beat the hell outta this one Rob. Lol

  3. Derek Avatar

    Is the barrel 16″ including the brake or is it 16″ plus the brake?

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