Zastava AK47 NPAP 4000rds later! Some parts are missing now…

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7 responses to “Zastava AK47 NPAP 4000rds later!”

  1. Anthony Avatar

    Robski, besides just passing the tests, what is your personal opinion of the npap? With the wood replaced, at this point, do you consider it to be a solid ak?

  2. Spencer Avatar

    C39v2 or npap? Trying to decide which one to get rid of because I picked up a vepr ak.

    1. Brian Avatar

      Keep em all man. Those rifles are better than money.

    2. Anthony Avatar

      If you are definitely going to get rid of one, the C39v2, would be the consensus of many.

    3. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      How about Vepr from kvar?

  3. Paul Abshire Avatar
    Paul Abshire

    I have the m92 pap. Great gun. I am looking fo best folder to put on it without going sbr. Do you have any opinions on the stormwerkz vs. Cnc warrior mechanisms? Second what about sighting in this one as it has 200 and 400 flip rear sights? Yours is probably the most informative sight for practical ak info.

  4. austin braune Avatar
    austin braune

    HELP… Yugo npap problem. …HELP
    please tell me if this is normal. ….
    When the dust cover is removed, so that the travel of the hammer can be seen, and I release the hammer, it scrapes the bottom of the recoil spring.
    I tried a longer spring (from my 63Dmilled), but it still makes contact.

    Does anyone have any ideas, please.

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