DDI AK47S 527 Rounds Later…Ejection Rejection

DDI AK47S, 527 Rounds Later…Ejection Rejection!

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9 responses to “DDI AK47S 527 Rounds Later…Ejection Rejection”

  1. Gage clements Avatar

    Oh no!! Didn’t see that coming on this rifle at all

  2. Tom Avatar

    And people wonder why i keep spare parts on hand for just in case situations like this. Wondering if it is a heat treat issue with the extractor??

  3. Spencer Avatar

    Damn Should of bought a VEPR. My DDI is in route from Atlantic.

  4. Colin Avatar

    Man, and I was considering picking one of these up. What AK variant would you recommend at or under the $900 price tag?

  5. CHRIS URSINY Avatar

    defective dud devices industries strikes again, looks like they are cutting corners on the small stuff, that extractor looks like cheap pot metal or some kind of cheap chinese cast part, not good at all, they should only used forged milled parts for stuff like that. ddi needs to be called out on this early and now, i bet there are hundreds of these rifles out there floating around with this defective part in them right now this will more than likely turn into a warranty claim issue in the very near future. its nice ak operators union gave a legit not paid by the mfg. real world review on ddi’s highly touted “holy trinity” ak rifle rather than some fake p. r. puff piece where they shot it 10 rounds and said it was great. thanks again guys for keeping the mfg. accountable.

  6. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    I’d like to know what the problem is with the extractor. I’ve got a milled DDI gun and a polish stamped gun. I’ve got got about 2800 rounds through the milled gun, and around 1200 through the polish parts gun. I’ve never had a malfunction out of either rifle. I don’t heat the guns up like AKOU does, and I half ass clean them. I’d like to know if my guns have the same extractor in them. Both guns extractors look fine, but I’d change them out if I need to. Thanks to the AKOU.

  7. Joseph Avatar

    Disappointing… I almost bought that model. I have the Hungarian stamped version you reviewed. I’ve only put about 120 rounds through it. Do you know if that one has the same ejector as this US Hammer Forged model?

    1. ET Avatar

      The Hungarian rifles were made using surplus parts. The ejector is also Hungarian surplus. You will be fine.

      I have owned two of the DDI Hungarians and both were excellent; chugging away for hundreds of rounds.

  8. MastaChai Avatar

    Just got mine from My FFL today…Little worried mine will break also…I’ll have to wait and see if it’s not just a random thing that happened to his extractor…fingers crossed.

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