DDI AK47S – Update.

11/16/16 Update – new extractor (and 10 empty bolts – more on this later) arrived.

I have disassembled bolt (pic1) and at 2nd picture you can see old extractor and new one.

So here is what is going to happen now. By default, DDI can’t win “5k Survivalist” Sticker. That “door” is closed now.
I want to make this clear.

But i think we are all dying to see what those parts can (or can’t) do in the long run. So, i will continue to plow through the rounds count and keep posting video updates with detailed pictures and etc.

@head spacing – of course i will continue to monitor it all the time – updates will be included in the videos.

@”empty bolts” – DDI included in the package non assembled bolts – they feel confident that you can just take any of their bolts and drop them in to any of their guns and head spacing will be OK.
I will test this and give you update on it as well.
I will not shoot with those bolts, just test them with gauges.
Only original bolt will be used for shooting (easy to spot, because all their new bolts are sparkling clean with untouched finish).



8 responses to “DDI AK47S – Update.”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    This is very upsetting since I just picked up one of these from my dealer. I’m hoping that my rifle will be fine. We’ll see, only 100 rounds through it so far.

  2. J Day Avatar
    J Day

    My vote goes for ddi 5000 rounds to the end. Let us know whatever happens if it can.

  3. Fred Cerutti Avatar
    Fred Cerutti

    These have to be some of the best, most impartial, fair and well-connected gun tests available. Thank you. And gun guys, let’s support this effort!

  4. Fred Cerutti Avatar
    Fred Cerutti

    Meant well-conducted, not -connected above.
    Friggin autocorrect!!!

  5. APrice58 Avatar

    I watched this video and took a chance and bought a DDI anyway. I am hoping the extractor issue is a problem with this rifle only. I will be following this closely. If rob has any more problems with this rifle, I will probably sell the one I purchased. Hope it makes it through the remaining 4500 rounds with no problems. If it does, I am going SBR with a zenit rail on mine

  6. MIKE DEWALT Avatar

    I ordered this rifle a few days before the video came out. Argh! But we will see what happens from here on out. I have a DDI AK 74 and absolutely love it and have had no problems w/it whatsoever. I hope this extractor problem is a fluke on that particular rifle for testing.(It can and does happen from time to time). It will REALLY suck if he continues to have the same problem with it over and over again! The guys behind DDI really seem to care about making quality AK’s. I just hope they didn’t rush out this particular model. Cali., where I live is about to have the terrible laws kick in soon, so hoping they didn’t push production of this particular model to make some panic buying sales in Cali. Time will tell. if it goes the next approximate 4500 rounds with no more issues whatsoever, I will feel SO much better! But time will tell.

  7. David Catanzaro Avatar
    David Catanzaro

    This is a minor part that is easily replaced. This is aggravating without question and shouldn’t happen but it is a new production bug that can be worked out. DDI seems to care and seems to want to do this right…not like I.O. and Century. I am still rooting for a solid U.S. built AK rifle from these guys. I would also love to see them offer some U.S. made parts for sale if they hold up.
    Did you say that DDI claims that any of their bolts can be dropped into any of their rifles without affecting headspace? Now that would be cool. I am looking forward to that testing.

  8. James Burchfield Avatar
    James Burchfield

    You must have gotten the bag of the 3 over cooked extractors as dave eluded to in the akfiles forum.lol

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