AK Operators Union Testing

Zastava NPAP
Daniel Defense rail

Guys, I want to make few things clear. Our recent few videos sparked controversy about our “harsh and brutal” testing methods and etc. Often, criticism is that our tests are “completely unscientific, pure garbage and they hold no value whatsoever”.
Well, ok, I will bite.
Yes, when rifle is drop into the water, sometimes water temperature is 35F, sometimes it is 75F. True, this isn’t your typical laboratory environment, but I don’t think you have to have weather app to tell you if you can use your rifle or not…if rifle will get dropped into the water, I fully expect that rifle to work after removing from the water…regardless of water temperature.
When drooping rifle on  concrete, sometimes rifles are dropped from slightly different heights – this is true. We do best we can to keep dropping them from the same level, but there are few inches differences from time to time. However, none of rifles is ever dropped from over 6′. I hate to say this, but I expect rifle to be fully operational after being dropped to concrete from up to 6’…including rails those rifles are equipped with, especially when those rails are used to set iron sights on them.
As for sand tornado test – yes, this is purely done for fun – I said this numerous times, there is no way to control flow of sand, simply because of wind shifts. Now that being said, no rifle was ever dropped from 5k rds test because it performed poorly in sand tornado test…also, sand tornado test gives you some understanding on how much dirt specific rifle will tolerate in action before it stops…
Push ups and pull ups tests are done mainly to test integrity of magazine well and put stress on trunnions (for AKs).
But all those elements are just the icing on the cake. Main goal of 5k rds tests is to put “mileage” on the guns going through this test.
To see how all the rifle components are behaving and how they are tolerating (or not) extensive use in short time period.
This is data generated from the basic trigger pulling. No magic here. No other YouTube outfit, gives you info like this on weapons tested…
Now at least you can see what to expect from gun you are thinking about to buy. You can simply make better decision on what you should buy.
Just this year we went trough our RAS47 self destructing trunnion adventures, our Arsenal SLR107 bubbling finish problems (it prompted Arsenal to response and offer to refinish rifles experiencing this problem at no cost to users), my IO jammomatic, with self drifting from recoil front sights, cracks in my Zastava NPAP receiver and snapped extractor on DDI newest rifle…
I don’t know, but in my eyes, that’s some interesting feedback from so called “uneducated morons”, like some critics like to call us…

DDI AK47s extractor

Ultimately it is up to you guys, viewers and subscribers to decide what you like to watch and read.
The moment, when majority of you will tell me, that what AK Operators Union is doing is pointless, will be the moment i will pull the plug on it. Game over.
Until then, we will continue to Rock the Boat of Gun World, so you at least have some different from “everything is awesome” point of view…
– Rob

27 responses to “AK Operators Union Testing”

  1. Rich S. Avatar
    Rich S.

    I don’t believe that counting positive and negative comments is a useful way to measure how much good you’re doing. Any time you post something that upsets people’s preconditions, or makes them feel that they made a less than perfect choice, they’re going to sit behind the anonymity curtain of the internet and give you crap. That’s the internet.

    I would suggest that you judge by (1) are you doing something you want to do (2) are you getting a reasonable number of views and (3) is it financially sustainable in the long run? Even if everybody’s giving you crap, if they’re watching, then you’re doing something good for the community (but, yeah, it’s hard on the ego).

    In my opinion, right now, you’re the only person really putting rifles through their paces. Military Arms Channel has just started to do something similar with pistols (and Sig pistols fell down hard), so I think you’re doing something right.

  2. Bruce Avatar

    A few people will want to splash mud on anything that is good.

    The majority of firearm videos have a guy throwing some rounds downrange and telling you that he is really enjoying himself blasting apart soda bottles and melons. That’s OK, but such reviews tell you very little.

    AK style rifles are expected to be reasonably rugged, reliable and durable. Yours is virtually the only work on the web showing that this is not always the case. You provide information that we can obtain nowhere else.

    Please keep doing what you are doing.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Rob, keep up the good work. If it was not for you I would be owning a RAS47 instead of a Wasr10.

    It is as a person I know says “It is what it is.”

    1. David Avatar


      I did buy a RAS27 before Rob did his review. So far so good. Actually it is a very nice firearm. However, I am no where near 1K rounds…

  4. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, you guys are doing the right thing. It’s no different than buying a car you want the most bang for your buck and that’s what you do and it pisses off the manufacturer that there products are inferior to the next. Bcm, Daniel defense are very good ar’s vepr and arsenal are very good ak’s. Hat’s off to you Rob ski and keep it up.

  5. Gibby Avatar

    Fuck the negative comments Rob. You, Paul, and Ula provide valuable information. You three also have a whole lot of people that appreciate what you all do.

    Scientific or real world testing…. give me real world.

    Thank you AKOU for what you do!

  6. Marc Avatar

    Yep, keep up the good work Rob. Don’t listen to naysayers.

  7. Wes Howe Avatar
    Wes Howe


    Keep up the good work. There will always be naysayers…

    Your site is one reason I own two AK’s that have been flawless and that you recommended. If not for you I might have bought the “other guys” rifle based on advertising or some other reasons.

    I originally came to your site because you were the only one offering in depth review of AK’s. Admittedly, I don’t beat mine up the way you do, but they do see hard use. You’re testing offers a “different” type of testing. Is it scientific…no. Is it realistic…in most cases and it shows just what an AK can/should be able to handle.


  8. Joseph Avatar

    No matter what you do, there will always be others who oppose it. You’ve got a strong, well-deserved following. You’ve definitely helped me make some educated decisions on what to buy, and I know I cannot be the only one. Keep up the videos. And don’t change a thing about how you test out different products!

  9. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    Keep doing what your doing guys. We don’t shoot guns in the laboratory, so continue beating the hell outta the guns AKOU. I’ve got two DDI AKs. An extractor broke on the one your test. Who gives a shit. Any gun, any given shot can let you down on the next pull of the trigger. I understand DDI is outta the 5k round test survival, and I agree. They make good rifles, and you will find that out before the test is over. DDI has been King of the hill in your testing. May 20th 2015. I’m not worried about a failed extractor. Guns fire, parts fail. I’ve had a glock sheer the barrel lug off the barrel while I was shooting it with factory ammo. AKOU puts guns through real world combat tests. If any gun will survive the AKOU 5k round test with just minor issues, you can take it to war.

  10. Kochman Avatar

    More info on equipment meant to save your life can’t be a bad thing. Keep beating the shit out of the equipment and make the manufacturing types meet the test. No Whinning here!

  11. BTNSLI Avatar

    Would have never found out about (and then purchased) a DAKM4150 if it wasn’t for you, keep up the excellent work and fuck the haters.

  12. Lew Avatar

    I vote continue the testing / videos, improve protocols when necessary, and have empathy for mentally challenged “bubba comments”.

  13. David Avatar

    Keep up the good work. I loved the line about having to use a weather app….

  14. RC Avatar

    Rob, I enjoy your tough no BS reviews. I do have a question. What is your opinion on the Norinco MAK 90? I don’t believe I’ve seen a review from on this rifle.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Cool rifles, but nothing special, their prices are soaring up mainly because of import ban on them in place…

      1. RC Avatar

        Agree with cool but nothing special. I put an ATI collapsable stock & forearm kit on it, makes it more cool & more functional. Soon I will sight it in the Russian way, when the adjuster tool I ordered arrives.

  15. OneTwoBang Avatar

    Keep doing exactly what you are. All you are doing is putting a rifle under stress. You have never claimed that the tests are perfect or scientific. We all benefit from seeing the results. Too many 5 round reviews on the Internet that praise a gun. I also appreciate your quick and honest answers to the questions that I have asked on this site.
    It’s also cool to see other people in NC wearing their AKOU gear at the range and at gun shows. That’s how you know people like what you do. Thanks again.

  16. Justin Avatar

    Enough with the bullshit talk. Keep shooting, filming, and posting. I’ll keep watching. Appreciate everything you do.

  17. Zdr Avatar

    Plain and simple, if a manufacturer wants to sell more rifles, build a rifle that will pass the ak op Union test, then test it. Same with all the accessories and add-ons. Surprised manufacturers are not sending you items in mass to test, they probably eventually will. The feedback can improved the product.

  18. David Avatar


    I took my “lucky bastard” Zastava NPAP to my local gunsmith today. He advised just watching the crack as performing a weld that would not cause other issues (lack of tempering, etc) would cost more than the purchase price. I will keep an eagle eye on it…worst case I becomes a wall hanger. Any comments on his recommendation?

  19. Shawn Krohn Avatar
    Shawn Krohn

    I know for a fact the Izhmash factory does a “sand tornado-esq” test. Russian military tests their rifles very similar to Rob’s tests too. https://youtu.be/Yr1tV2nsGoM

  20. Dirk Avatar

    That’s the reason I’m a fan of this blog, you do a proper test and never try to sell accessories to make up for skill on the shooters part or lack of the original product – people forget the real purpose and use of a “battle-rifle” if you have to keep it oiled, dry, bump and sand free all the time then you have a nice “plinker”!

  21. Dennis Avatar

    Love your videos keep up the good work. Would love to see AKOU test m&p sport II and ruger 556

  22. Mark Avatar

    Thanks for your real world style testing, keep going , your doing what a lot of gun enthusiasts don’t have time, location, or maybe funds to do , and want to invest in the best gun platform they can afford. Great work sir.

  23. Rodney Avatar

    Rob………Most people do not understand the conditions that exist in real combat! You entertain us along the way, but I see you on a mission to inform the uninformed as to what combat can and will do to a weapon. Your test of particular weapon is not a bull shit test but one that simulates combat conditions. When or if TSHTF you what to know what you can depend on. I own several AR/M4 rifles and they are fun to shoot ; however they are high maintenance. My grab and go will be my Troy Sellars AK 74 pimped out with a Russian PK-A, one hell of a weapon, Internet is full of bull shitters, you are the go to guy when it comes to no nonsense evaluation of firearms. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family. Rock and Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Rooster Avatar

    Rob you knock it out the park and let the bulshit talk stop they’re just jealous because they didn’t do it first

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