DDI Hammer Forged AK47S, 1000 Rounds Later…Resurrection?

DDI Hammer Forged AK47S, 1000 Rounds Later…Resurrection?

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7 responses to “DDI Hammer Forged AK47S, 1000 Rounds Later…Resurrection?”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Perhaps a jam nut if the crush washer isn’t doing it for you?

    Least it can be tightened in the field with a pair of wrenches if it loosens up again.

  2. Mike Avatar

    If those extra bolts are drop in ready shouldn’t you check the head space with a go gauge too? Or does it matter?

  3. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Just curious…What happened at 1:21, seems you got round to the chamber but you didn’t shoot it? Or was it a dud? Since the gun didn’t cycle and you got your finger off trigger…

    Interesting to see how this ends, I don’t think that I will ever buy one but would be great to have more options in AK market. Price to me is too much, I really can’t justify it to myself paying a grand for a basic AK. Heck, you can get plenty of different ARs cheaper than AKs nowadays! Crazy…

  4. Philo_Beddoe Avatar

    Have you noticed any significant improvement in accuracy with their fenocite barrel?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I didn’t test accuracy yet – but i will!

  5. Bruce Avatar

    The close up at 6:52 of the video may suggest some pitting on the bolt face (from maybe about the 11 to 1 o’clock position). That must surely just be powder residue or a trick of the light, correct?

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    I agree with the price on the DDI AKs that’s too much for a basic production rifle, and I have two of them. I’ve made upgrades to them and the price I have in them is a little rediculous. I’ve had no issues with either rifle and now have over 3000 rounds through both rifles. PSA AK is advertised 699 if you can find one in stock. I tried to by one before I bought the 2nd DDI, but could never catch them in stock. Tried to buy a definitive arms gun first, but again couldn’t even get on a waiting list. Come on guys get the guns out, and at a competitive price. Trump Won, gun and ammo BS over.

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