7N6 Ammo – Baby Come Back!

7n6-ban-11With Trump winning the election, internet recently exploded with renewed hopes for bringing imported, surplus, 7N6 Ammo (5.45×39), back to USA.
All this is based on false perception that import ban was imposed in form of executive order from President Obama.
When political motives for imposing ban were probably at the play here, import ban on 7N6 was actually a consequence of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency asking ATF to conduct a test, examination and classification of Russian-made 7N6 5.45×39 ammunition for purposes of determining whether it is considered “armor piercing ammunition” as defined by the Gun Control Act (GCA), as amended.
Since 1986, the GCA has prohibited the importation of armor piercing ammunition unless it is destined for government use or testing. The imported ammunition about which CBP was inquiring was not destined for either excepted purpose. Purpose of course was commercial resale.
When ATF tested the 7N6 samples provided by CBP, they were found to contain a steel core. ATF’s analysis also concluded that the ammunition could be used in a commercially available handgun. From ATF statement: “Fabryka Broni Radom, Model Onyks 89S, 5.45×39, which is caliber semi-automatic pistol, which was approved for importation into the United States in November 2011”.

Onyks Carbine
Onyks Carbine

This really was jaw dropping ruling, since around only 200 Onyks carbines (not pistols) were produced in Poland and to common knowledge, none were ever imported nor sold on the U.S. market as semi-automatic pistols…But this was the final nail into the 7n6 coffin, since accordingly, ATF found that the 7N6 ammunition is “armor piercing” under the section 921(a)(17)(B)(i) and is therefore not importable…At that point it was game over.
So as you can see, whole 7N6 ammo import ban wasn’t result of executive order. To bring ammo import back, we would have to actually get rid of The Gun Control Act of 1968…

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  1. Dave Avatar

    There is no “get rid of the GCA ’68”, there is only pass a new law. That is all Congress knows how to do. What was the last law that was repealed by Congress ? Not failing to act or failing to renew, what was the last law repealed?

    I agree there is not a simple Executive level action that would be sustained by a court ( it will certainly be challenged ) to undo this. However, it is not as dire as repealing GCA.

    BATFE has long and distinguished history of making up facts and let’s face it – outright lying, sometimes under oath. A lot of what happens there is the result of GCA 68, “sporting purposes” which is determined by BATFE.
    They’re like Negan from the walking dead. They take half our $hit. They decide which half.

    One thing that would make a huge difference is a reclassification of what is a ‘sport’ as determined by ATF. for example, the Curling society has something like 18,000 members; curling is an olympic sport. IDPA, IPSC and USPSA all have more than the Curling society as members, but BATFE refused to recognize these formally sanctioned events as a ‘sport’. 3 gun is another example. An order to include these under the sport definition and subsequent reevaluation of what meets “sporting purposes” would have far reaching impact.

    We should absolutely strive to repeal gun control laws, but we should also have realistic expectations about what can happen, and what will happen. The latter will be determined solely by how engaged our demographic is in the political process.

  2. Bob Avatar

    I don’t get why the manufacturer doesn’t just change the name if it. Winchester stopped producing “Black Talons” and came out with the “SXT” which many have stated stood for “Same Exact Thing.” It’s plausible that it could be imported in another box with a different name. With Trump going in office, here shortly might be a good time to try.

  3. Glenux Avatar

    Boys, it’s late October 2018 and I am just coming along in the appreciation for the AK74 and the 7N6 surplus ammunition.
    1. So nothing has changed in the status of the 7N6 availability?
    2. Is the ban just on import? Could some American manufacture make it?
    3. Has President Trump being in office all this time given you any consideration that things might change for the better?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ban was issued because of ATF re classification of 7n6 as “armor piercing”. So it is done and done. No more imports will come ever.
      Of course USA can manufacture 5.45×39, Hornady did it, but it is small market for ammo makers…

  4. Ken Avatar

    Would it ever be feasible for Wolf or Tula or another manufacturer to produce 5.45 without the steel core? Also, I don’t know much about 5.45×39. What effect would removing the steel core have as it relates to terminal ballistics?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I honestly don’t know man, remember, it’s all business…

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