Palmetto State Armory AK47 – PSAK47 Gen 2: 5000rds later! Giveaway!!!!

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42 responses to “Palmetto State Armory AK47 – PSAK47 Gen 2: 5000rds later! Giveaway!!!!”

  1. Gage clements Avatar
    Gage clements

    Chooo choooo!! It passed!

  2. Eric Ritchey Avatar
    Eric Ritchey

    Please enter me into the give away. Eric Wellsville, PA

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Every time when we ask you to vote for new “victim” of the test, we collect donations – donating to the cause or making purchase through the AKOU store, in that time, automatically enrolls you into the giveaway for that rifle…

  3. Shaun Avatar

    Love your videos

  4. Micah Avatar

    Sign me up!

  5. Gibby Avatar

    Congratulations Charles!

    Rob, what vid editing software do you use? Ula is always being videotaped looking so serious. Of course concentrating on shooting. Maybe have her do the go-no go portions at the end of the videos….LOL

  6. Dan Jeter Avatar
    Dan Jeter

    Great video! Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Jan Ostrowski Avatar
    Jan Ostrowski

    Great video!

  8. Victor Rivera-Emeric Avatar
    Victor Rivera-Emeric

    Good review! Keep up the good job on real opinions!

  9. Jordan Burchett Avatar
    Jordan Burchett

    Love the videos I’m glad I started watching your channel really caught you guys from MAC and because of you I picked up my first ak variant the AMD63. Thank you for the great content.

  10. Matthew Trudeau Avatar
    Matthew Trudeau

    Love your reviews

  11. Jerone A Avatar
    Jerone A

    Thank you, Rob! You are awesome! I ordered one after your last video and my serial is in the 10k range. Things i’ve noticed fresh out the box were a scuffed up rear sight and the barrel appears kinda brownish. When I see your ak zoomed I notice the same brownish color as if its going to rust, however, mine is fresh and yours has gone through a torture test. Yes PSA, pay more attention to your quality before you ship the rifles out. Anyways, I just wanna let you guys at AKOU know how much I appreciate your videos. Stay safe!

  12. Sean McDonald Avatar
    Sean McDonald

    Awesome Job Rob and Crew.

  13. Dan Allen Avatar
    Dan Allen

    Really like this rifle.

  14. Michael Tuck Avatar
    Michael Tuck

    I will buy one of these from PSA.. I have been waiting…Thanks for your reviews.. I LOVE THEM…


    How do I enter? I would love to win and then Have 2 Fine AK’s

    Keep on keeping on…. I will be buying the 3x prism scoped GOAT FUKER stack as soon as I psa puts up ak’s again.

    Thanks again

  15. Dan Riding Avatar
    Dan Riding

    Great job in the testing! Looking forward to more unbiased opinion/ testing from AKOU.

  16. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, great job. Do you like the psa or ddi now that you have ran them both thru the grinder?

  17. Eduardo Galvan Avatar
    Eduardo Galvan

    How do you enter for the free give away? Awsome video like always Rob ski.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      There are special announcements about it.

  18. James Avatar

    Great videos

  19. harold Avatar

    I would love to have it!

  20. Jose Lugo Avatar
    Jose Lugo


  21. Jr Vega Avatar
    Jr Vega

    Would Love to have this Psaak47!!

  22. Matt Hall Avatar
    Matt Hall

    Great rifle, love PSA!

  23. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    No comments on the video about cosmetics? Not that it is a big deal for me but that thing looks quite nasty, rust etc, also read from some forums that even new ones are not that good looking. AKs are meant to be used and $700ish is a beater AK I guess nowadays but still. Even though I don’t care that much of cosmetics I don’t torture test my Sako AK (well, way more than $700 value on that one..) or my other AKs in U.S. soil; Wasr, OPAP and Maadi, I try to keep them in decent shape for resale value.I’m not a rich guy so… I mean call me pussy, but I am what I eat.

    Still, I’m glad PSAK made it. I bought RAS47 over a year ago, tried to give it a benefit of a doubt for not being “real” AK but…After around maybe 1K rounds I sold it for what I bought it for year earlier and stumbled on a $400 Maadi (not the Chinese/Century abortion) and grabbed that one/ No regrets.. Nice to see U.S. made ak going this far, but hope PSA keeps their shit together. Huge market for them, if they play it right.

  24. Mike marchese Avatar

    Too late for giveaway? Hope not. Thank you for your leadership, Rob Ski.


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Too late my friend, rifle was already give away…

  25. CharlieBronson Avatar

    Rob- great series on this AK. Bought one after it passed your 5k testing…
    Question- could you tell me what type of traditional Russian surplus buttstock would fit this rifle. I ordered cheese grader, hand guard and pistol grip from Khyber but need a good Russian red butt stock. Thanks bro-

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, i honestly don’t know. I have never removed their stock and they have this weird trunnion in the back…sorry, i can’t help you on this. Rifle was already mailed to winner so i don’t even have it anymore.

      1. Mike Avatar

        May want to call PSA. I got one of their AK’s and spoke with a guy in the store who had been on the build team, he said Boyd’s supplied the wood for their Red version, looks very nice on the website.

        1. CharlieBronson Avatar

          Good call on that.

          Called Boyd’s and they said they are under contract to produce these only for PSA and cannot sell to private parties.

          1. Mike in SC Avatar
            Mike in SC

            Time to start pestering PSA about offering the wood separately. They seem to be affected by market forces!

          2. Mike Avatar

            PSA has a wood stock set that’s a red laminate they call the “Timbersmith Premium Red Laminate Romanian AK47 set”. Of course being PSA, it’s temporarily out of stock. But its good looking, I think.

  26. CharlieBronson Avatar

    another question for you. Critical parts replacement…

    I was doing a detailed strip on the PSA AK last night and wasted no time fucking shit up and broke the lower hand guard locking lever (which seemed pretty weak to begin with). I’m ordering replacement from APEX but wondered what else I should get…as I’m sure I will be fucking more things up.

    As always, thanks bro…


  27. Mike in SC Avatar
    Mike in SC

    Rob, I bought the PSA magpul oe version. Struggling with zero on the front sight for windage. Bent the chinese tool, ordered the magnamatic.
    My question for you -the Trijicon MRO looks good to me, so does the RS Regulate mount. But what top for that optic?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      RS has MRO top mount if my memory serves well.

  28. Jeff Kuehl Avatar
    Jeff Kuehl

    Outstanding series Rob! Glad the Palmetto arms held up. Now to find them in stock. I have to admit after watching I have a new want. Great series.

  29. Daniel Driscoll Avatar
    Daniel Driscoll

    Hey Rob, Having been on the receiving end of these rifles 47 years ago, I appreciate your web site, the information and testing you put out there. I never really paid that much attention to the AK 47s rifles and like most shooters, I fell for the myth that the AK47s were inferior to the AR15/M16. You along with a friend of mine Jeff in Oakland, California have made me take another look at the AK platform. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I added a PSAK47 to my collection.

  30. Shane Avatar

    Awesome video! I am new to ak’s and wanted to ask what brand of no go gauge you use for the head space test?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I purchased my sets from Tooth Tool and Engineering.

      1. Shane Avatar

        Thank you for the info!

  31. Woody Avatar

    Hey Rob, any news from your PSA contacts about all that stuff promised at Shot ‘17? No mention of the supposed premium CHF barreled line or a 5.45×39 rifle that they were so quick to talk about a year ago…I think the guy even said he had prototypes at that show he had to put away… is that all legit or was it just more BULLSHIT TALK? Thanks buddy.

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