Zastava NPAP Rust Experiment

One of the members posted question: Will Zastava NPAP bolt carrier rust when left outย wetย for week exposed to the outside elements (like weather)?
Well, let’s find out, here is picture after Day 1 (it was raining, that’s why it is wet). You can already see rust developing on it.



























I guess to no surprise to most, bolt carrier started developing surface rust literally in hours when left outside in rain…after 3 days it was obvious that yes, rust will continue to develop on it.
Experiment was stopped and we moved to the next phase.
Now, how to remove it? Will basic CLP do the job?

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  1. KJB Avatar

    I don’t think these are stainless. Here’s a simple test. Degrease it and then apply some cold bluing to a spot on it. If it turns blue it’s not stainless.

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