What If Hillary Wins?! How is American going to look like under Hillary Clinton?

What If Hillary Wins?! How is American going to look like under Hillary Clinton?
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7 responses to “What If Hillary Wins?! How is American going to look like under Hillary Clinton?”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Rob- You look absolutely wonderful in that get-up!
    Now, Let’s vote for Mr. T and get this lady out of there, PLEASE!

    1. Fitz Avatar

      I’m a multiple gun owner with 5 Colt ars an Sgl21 and a Slr107.But I would give them away before I voted for a traitor.Do you love your guns so much that you would vote for a russian puppet ect.Hillary is by no means good either but even as president she couldn’t take our guns.It seems to me that gun owners care not about the country but only their guns.

      1. KJB Avatar

        Leave your fake news opinion elsewhere. Trump is the most pro gun, pro American president ever. The Russians had nothing to do with Trump’s win. People like me did! Besides, the cold war is over, the Russians are not our enemy. People like you are!

      2. Brian Avatar

        Look lady, people go into politics because they crave power and controll. Trump is no different in this regard. What is different about him is that he is a die hard patriot. You can watch videos of him from 30 years ago saying the same thing he says now. Anyways we are not governed by any politician. Our constitution is the supreme law of the land. No human can supercede it. I think the leftist would like to argue the validity of the constitution and if so I will commend them for their courage and sulute them on the battlefield, because that is the only place it is open for debate.

  2. Brian Avatar

    The millennials wont go away if Trump wins. And the generation behind them will be worse. We are rapidly heading towards communism. The real question is how to change the culture in the universities.

  3. MEllis Avatar

    Make America Great Again! Vote with rational thought; not uncontrolled emotions, this country is The best to ever exist for a reason. I’m deeply offended by the left that says we are a hateful country that should come off our high horses and bow to a New World Order; While at the same time, the left leadership is above the law and hides and harbors all of it’s money in a manner they say the rest of us can not. End Rant

    Rob, What do you think about the C39 v2 or the High standard Ak in bakelite that Atlantic offers. I don’t like that they don’t have side scope mounts, but they can be added. Whats your take on one over the other (It looks like wasr’s are dried up) I feel the need to get a couple AK’s in case the election doesn’t go our way. With buying 2 I can only go about $700 each. Open to other suggestions. Thanks! AKOU

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I wouldn’t buy C39V2…as for HS – i have never used them…hard to tell man…if you are looking for starter AK, try to find WASR10

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