Arsenal SLR107 2000rds Later; Two-Face!

Arsenal SLR107 2000rds Later; Two-Face! New video below!

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22 responses to “Arsenal SLR107 2000rds Later; Two-Face!”

  1. Rick Avatar

    How hard was it to fit the zenit rails to the slr. Did it require a lot of fitting to get them to fit? And would the top rail that replaces the top dust cover fit as well? Thanks for any help

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It wasn’t that bad. I had to do small work on rail in the back and upfront for retainer bracket – solid 30 minutes of working it in.

      1. Rick Avatar

        Thanks for the reply
        I love all the work your doing

  2. Randy Avatar

    First off, I am just impressed as hell with the toughness of the scope ( Primary ? ) you used . I would NEVER even think that a scope could survive the shock of the drops let alone a immersion in a water environment. I will have to think about buying this scope . Awesome. OK now that’s out of the way. My thoughts on the “mighty” $1,200.00 Arsenal rifle. Good that there is no wear on bolt and bolt carrier and that nothing broke on the sights. The trigger malfunction?….., WTF!!…. ? If it looks like a cheaply made , Third World quality trigger, it probably will perform like one. Nothing to worry about , right Arsenal fanboys? A combat mil-spec rifle does not need a durable finsh, non-canted gas block, OR A FUNCTIONING TRIGGER…. right? And you get all of this for the amazingly low price of between $1000- $1200 AND at least an apology from the guys in Las Vegas. Hilarious!

    1. Brian Avatar

      Why do you keep running down people that like arsenal rifles? Nobody is dogging you for liking I.O rifles. Even though they are garbage. We are all here to learn more about our favorite rifles. Fanboy is such a stupid term. If you enjoy degradding people you should look at the warrior talk blog.

  3. larry Avatar

    I have one with plum stock put 500 rounds no problems or bubbles

  4. Lew Avatar

    Hey Rob, I refreshed my web page a couple times and still got the bubbles video where it looks like the Two face video should be.

    1. Brian Avatar

      Me too. I had to watch it on youtube

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It must be cookies in your browser. It is Two Face for sure in page code now.

  5. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Nice tests Rob, my only “gripe” is that I think all the rifles going through this 5000rd test should have the original furniture in place. I mean on RAS47 you had to duct tape the damn things to hold the test, I would like to know what’s going on with the other guns.

    As for the price of this Arsenal, to me it is clearly overpriced. It’s a $5-600 gun with a 1K price tag. Granted, I have never shot one of these, I only was handling one some 10years ago when those were for sale in my home country. To me even back then they were ridiculously overpriced (since no other AKs available at that time) and to me the quality and price tag didn’t match. I really can’t remember the price anymore but it was stupid money for the “quality” you got.

    That being said, I own a RAS47 (still like it) and OPAP (superior quality compared to RAS) and was thinking adding one (ok, at least two..I mean three..) AK to my collection. I was before thinking of Arsenal although even before this test I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to spend 1K on the damn thing. Now I’m sure that I’m looking at other options. Wasr10 might be my next choice.Not sure what to do with my RAS though,I think i just shoot it until it breaks.

  6. Lew Avatar

    ok,got the video. Trigger…..WTF ! My milled Arsenal came with a double hook trigger. I polished the undersides of the hooks and the corresponding spots on the hammer, careful to stay away from the ( Arsenal only ? ) tiny groove at the back of the hammer lugs which will only lightly catch the hooks at the very end of the pull. Smooth as butter, haven’t had a trigger malfunction of any kind, 2.5k rounds. If on Arsenals single hook could this groove have something to do with 107’s problem? I am not an expert but it seems to me that any trigger hiccup on any type of rifle or hand gun is not a safe situation. Should a person of smaller balls encountering this on any firearm stop immediately and repair / replace ? Looking forward to the next vid, maybe with some Rob wisdom and insights on this particular subject…Editorial….buying or not buying any product for any reason is a consumers personal choice. Talking or typing your personal crap because of one example is drama reserved for girls. Randi .

  7. Daniel Crowe Avatar
    Daniel Crowe

    Is the canted rear sight block dragging on the bolt carrier and is it causing noticeable friction?

  8. austin Avatar

    Rob, what Is your opinion on the Ultimak? I dont think I have ever seen you use one. Just curious if that means you might dislike them for some reason?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Oh, i use them. This relatively cost effective way to mount optic, but you have to be careful. I wasn’t controlling my fire rate once and i have smoked Aimpoint T1 on it…lol

  9. Rush R. Yahr Avatar
    Rush R. Yahr

    8:19, trigger reset… what I think I saw. You pulled the trigger too fast. I think you pulled the trigger just fast enough that the bolt wasn’t able to completely reset. Trigger is release, bolt moves forward, round is fired, bolt unlocks, round is ejected, trigger is pulled again before bolt moves completely back (which would reset the hammer and disconnecter), bolt does not reset, no round is fired. This can happen with hair triggers on the AK, like the ALG trigger, which is a really nice trigger by the way. Look up videos about the ALG trigger having problems. Same thing I bet, you’re probably moving the trigger faster than the cyclic rate of the firearm. If it was full auto, like it was designed to be, I bet this wouldn’t be a problem.

  10. Rush R. Yahr Avatar
    Rush R. Yahr

    On second look, maybe your pins are walking, or something like that. Does it have a paper clip?

  11. Brian Avatar

    I had the same problem untill I took buffing compound and a polishing wheel to it. It might be the ridge that makes the 2nd stage break is causing the sear to jump just enough that it doesnt catch.

  12. James Avatar

    Rob, after watching your Arsenal vids I’ve been watching and inspecting my new one very closely when I clean it after shooting to see if I am getting the same problems. I’ve only managed to get 500 rounds through my SLR-104 so far. The internals are holding up good, just like yours. The part that I was most worried about was the external stuff after seeing the condition yours is in, but so far on my SLR-104 (even though I got it hot enough that it was smoking) I have no bubbling paint, and no rust or pitted finish. The sights weren’t canted on mine, and it is very accurate so far with its irons. I don’t know if the problem was just with that particular batch of 107s or what.

    If it matters, my SLR’s serial started with AC 54 instead of the XM serial on yours. Has anyone at Arsenal mentioned anything to you yet about how widespread that problem might be? I’m very relieved that mine didn’t have similar problems. From now on I’ll be watching the trigger closely to see if any problems develop as I shoot more through it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, but they are looking into this problem right now.

  13. jpbokinawa Avatar

    Rob, any experience with the Arsenal SAM7R? I see the SLR107 isn’t holding up too well. I have seen the same problems with the paint on my SAM. Not sure how they are the “Cadillac” of AKs, when a couple hundred $ could make a WASR rival a stock Arsenal.

    Bottom line is this; I am too far (financially) into my SAM. Don’t get me wrong, she hasn’t let me down and I would most certainly never give her up for a shitty AR. But I’m wondering if I should refocus my efforts on one of my M92s. In your humble opinion, how does the Zastava M92 stand up to your average Arsenal?


    1. jpbokinawa Avatar

      Oh, might I add. Whilst fine tuning my iron sights recently on the SAM (I had just added the Texas Weapons Systems rear peep), I ended up having to take a hammer and wood block to the front sight. In your own words “What the f*ck?!?!”

  14. Dennis Matt Avatar
    Dennis Matt

    I have a SAM7SF84R that I have burned over 4000 rounds through and have had NO problems whatsoever. I did replace the trigger with an ALG UL but could have stuck with the factory as it was pretty damned nice. i love that milled AK a LOT and it is extremely accurate as well as being 100% reliable. Is it worth the price? Well, I guess someone will have to ask my Grandkids Grandkids as I have a feeling the SAM7 will be around and working that long unless the politicians steal it.
    Did Arsenal EVER address the purported finish problems on the SLR107 that Rob Ski documented so well? I own a NUMBER of Arsenal rifles going back to before they set up in Nevada and have never had a single issue with any of my Arsenal rifles. I was amazed when Rob Ski showed everyone the problems that at least one “run” of SLR107’s had. Could not believe the laissez fair attitude that Arsenal seemed to take to the situation. Perhaps they are unaware of the viewership that the great Rob Ski enjoys.

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