Arsenal SLR107 1000rds Later – Bubbles Attack!

Arsenal SLR107 1000rds Later – Bubbles Attack!

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SLR 107
SLR 107

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17 responses to “Arsenal SLR107 1000rds Later – Bubbles Attack!”

  1. Armagh Avatar

    So far, it appears to be a tale of two rifles: externals poor, internals good. Only 4K rounds left to go.

  2. Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.

    For the cost of the rifle, there is no excuse for a finish so unsatisfactory! I have a older SLR107FR and have zero issues with the finish or anything else with the rifle. Arsenal must be holding their breathe at this moment. Had anyone heard from Arsenal ? Piss poor quality will kill a company’s reputation in a heart beat. Lack of communication will doom a company even faster. The shitty finish has been known for sometime & Arsenal is still ignoring it?

    1. Randy Avatar

      Of course they will ignore and not even reply. Just like Century and all the rest. It’s called LIABILITY, and LAWYERS. What’s hilarious to me as a RAS47 owner, is how all the ” Arsenal fanboys ” have suddenly lost the ability to type, both here and on the AK FILES forum. Just peachy. If this had been ( and was ) the RAS47 or an IO ,the replies would be long and biting. 1000 rounds is just the beginning, not the mid way point, awaiting the drop and then the drown test and headspace check. $1200 for a rust bucket and very little response from the AK lovers out there. Once again it does my heart good to see this “comeuppance ” review. I have argued with the “Robster” over and over, but this one I’m enjoying. How great the fall from the ivory tower has been for Arsenal and their foolish lackeys who believe price makes right. IO next as a low end piece of crap? LMAO and thanks

      1. Lew Avatar

        the ” fanboys” made comments under the first article. you lost your ability to read ?

        1. Randy Avatar

          No .., just enjoying myself. As a RAS47 owner ( embarrassed by the “Robster” s test.., but it was fair ) I am just beside myself crowing about the mighty Arsenal. Rust bucket, canted gas block, third world trigger group, etc, etc , it’s s–o-o-o-o hilarious. Lighten up Lew, it’s just a hobby , my man.

          1. Lew Avatar

            I know. And a frustrating hobby to order with hard earned cash and wonder what you’ll get. I ordered and received a flawless Sam 7 but from what we see here at AKOU my next informed ( all hail Rob ) hobby purchase will be made at the local gun store. If I had to have an opinion it would be this ; Greedy corporations + the design reliability inherent with an AK = a percentage of ANY manufacturers product to be crap. We should never tolerate the “some are good some are bad” nonsense in ANYTHING we buy but unfortunately here in AK land this is what it is.

  3. John Avatar

    I have to admit I am shocked. I expected this test to be a cake-walk for a $1000 rifle. It will be interesting to see if the rifle holds zero through the next 1,000 rounds.

  4. Strve Avatar

    I’m glad I got my WASR and TGI AMD 65 instead. WASR has 1000+ rounds through it and the AMD has around 800. No where near the wear/external stuff this has. Granted, those rounds were spaced out over a year….,,

  5. russiala Avatar

    I have a Romanian WASR 10/63 imported by Century Arms, and a Saiga IZ 132 sporter, bought at my LGS about December, 2012 and Riflegear about December, 2015 respectively.
    I would like to know if these rifles have good reputations?
    Also, Could you recommend a high quality AK or AK variant that you have personally used?
    Thank You ,

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I use Definitive Arms DAKM 4150N – this is my GO TO rifle for everything.

      1. Dave Avatar

        Only problem is there is no place that sells the DAKM. They are sold out. I was thinking about an arsenal since there’s no way to actually buy a 4150 but after your review it is now off my list. I guess I’m back to buying ar 15s.

  6. russiala Avatar

    Any info on my Romanian WASR and Saiga IZ 132 sporter, as far as their build and parts?
    Thanks Rob,

  7. scottyb Avatar

    Finish problems aside it sounds like its got the trigger from hell also. I was looking at buying a Krebs modified 107 but decided to not to get it. I already made one mistake buying a Polish parts rifle from Atlantic Firearms so not gonna throw my cash away again.

    Keep up the good work Rob!!

    1. Dustin Avatar

      Ok first off Rob forgive me for my post I am about a half bottle of vodka in celebrating a great Thursday and figured I better check out the operators unions page see how many man panties Robs video was blowing up haha….

      Guys, holy shit balls for real? I have been reading in multiple forms and ok ok on and others I expected all the ar15 and m1 grand guys to be burning the ak down with these videos saying trash can gun and all the bull they always spew.. Ok ok I get it… I won’t be buying a Arsenal, or century, or wasr, or whatever it is that everyone is reading about and just loosing there minds over… It is pretty fing funny… Rob please shoot a Krebs or rifle dynamics next.. Shit you can barrow mine lets really give all the ak guys something to loose there shit over… These all are pretty good guns and yes thing will fail I have shot a sam7 into the ground, a slr104, a wasr, only one I haven’t destroyed has been a vepr… But in all honesty I still would rather carry any of them over a ar15 or any other Rifle for that matter… Yes paint may bubble, sights may be canted, but i still support the ak and the companies. Everyone attacked magpul over the stocks breaking, I have went threw two already and after breaking them just picked up another… When it comes down to it… These companies are all trying to bring us products to the Ak market…. And as much as we sit here and spit on them and try and destroy them from our iPhones and computer chairs I am amazed they even mess with the ak market… What a waste of time for a bunch of fricken …. Nevermind… I hate to be a internet commando and try and one up a bunch of Internet professionals… Pretty funny shit…. Sell your aks, sell your Glock 19s and buy the perfect weopon a ???? Funny…

      Anyways, Rob if you and the akoperators Union brothers are ever in Wyoming look me up….beers on me… We can go rock some klash goodness and laugh about this bitch fest… Think I’ll go add some rattle can to my ras, or Krebs, or 107, or pkm? Because trash can guns only hang with trash can guns I guess….

  8. twr Avatar

    You mentioned rattle canning to refinish the barrel, but do you have any concerns about rust underneath the pressed on parts? I have the same rifle with the same prefix.

  9. J. Cain Avatar
    J. Cain

    What about the Arsenal SAM7R-61?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I don’t know. Didn’t test that one yet

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