RAS 47, 3500 Rounds Later – Century Strikes Back

RAS 47, 3500 Rounds Later – Century Strikes Back

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8 responses to “RAS 47, 3500 Rounds Later – Century Strikes Back”

  1. LeeM Avatar

    Thanks for the update, cant wait for the next vid. Would like to see this rifle break the 5k round challenge. Seems as if the wearing on the bolt and carrier have reached a “plateau” as far as damage being done. (good news)
    RAS47- keep up the fight!

    Rob Ski would you ever consider doing a “Give-a-way” for this rifle?

  2. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    This is really interesting, I really want to see what is the end result of this test.Has the RAS47 now being “broken in” and now it just continues to shoot, that remains to be seen. I own one of these (along with Opap and back home one superior,well at least in my mind, AK-variant that is impossible to get in USA…), only have maybe around 800rnds through my RAS47 and so far really like it’s fit and finish.

    I actually hope this gun makes it, not because I own one, but because I honestly want a U.S. company to succeed developing an AK that functions and lasts as true AK should.And this coming from a guy who is not even a U.S. citizen…If my RAS fails me, I throw it to thrash can and call it bullshit.No regrets. I hope that is not happening, also hope that Century has the brains to invest the money they are now getting from RAS and C39V1 and V2 to further develop and improve their rifles, instead just thinking it as a profit and not think about things any further. There is a huge market looming for U.S. made AKs, play it right and you are in for some serious money in your wallet.

  3. Andrew Wassenberg Avatar
    Andrew Wassenberg

    Rob, I know you probably can’t say much but have you heard anything from Century Arms regarding this torture test?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I’m in contact with parts development guy and i will give him my full report at the end.

      1. LeeM Avatar

        Rob did you ever get any updates or feedback from Century development far as what changes could be made to the RAS? (INTERNALS; bolt/carrier metals)

  4. Roger Avatar

    Hey guys, I think the ras47 is gonna make it! I hope century is watching and makes some improvements and I think they would have a good gun on there hands. Good job to Rob and crew!

  5. Brian Avatar

    I dont think the rifle made it. The sights are gone. The locking lugs cant be trusted. It has experienced catastophic failures. Its my opinion that the rifle failed. I believe that if the bolt, trunnion and carrier had lined up better with each other, a lot of the damage we have seen wouldnt happen. I also think that now that the grooves have worn in it could run longer. But so what? Who is interested in a pos ak that has the life span of an m4? I run a kalash because it shouldnt need to be perfect. I dont want to be careful with it. This rifle and any rifle using cast trunnions, bolts, and carriers is sub par to hammer forged. I personally wont sacrifice longevity for a little more accuracy either. I vote FAILED.

  6. Tuttle Avatar

    Based on what I know about the RAS-47, and Century in general, I’m surprised the rifle made it this far. It’s definitely functioning on borrowed time.

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