Polish AK47 WBP 3500rds later – Bigger Hammer!

Polish AK47 WBP 3500rds later – Bigger Hammer!

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2 responses to “Polish AK47 WBP 3500rds later – Bigger Hammer!”

  1. Derek Avatar

    Hi Rob. Lots of people on the web seem to be worried about mag wobble in these rifles and it is perfectly normal with the AK. Perhaps you can show how much wobble these rifles have during your tests? It might help people to understand what is normal in the AK.

  2. Julio F. Garcia Avatar
    Julio F. Garcia

    After watching your 5K video on the C.A.I. and listening to your comments. I will not put my monies on a RAS47. Can you please recommend an AK that is currently available and that has a good price point. Thank you.

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