RAS47 5000rds Later – Game Over!

RAS47 5000rds Later – Game Over! Shocking ending…watch until the end!

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45 responses to “RAS47 5000rds Later – Game Over!”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Rob, you mentioned that the wood on the raw-47 is the same as the wasr rifles as well. If I were looking to replace the wood furniture with surplus wood furniture what would you recommend? Does the Russian surplus furniture you have in the akou store fit the wasr?

    Awesome vids, awesome channel keep it up!


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, it will fit both WASR and RAS47 – you have to do minor mod on RAs47 handguard, but it is like 60 sec mod with dremel.

      1. Scott Avatar

        Awesome, thanks Rob!

        1. scotty Avatar

          Any solid surplus stock set is a nice upgrade, I have done a couple of mine and they FKNA AWESOME.

          I just strip the remains of the old finish off with sandpaper and give it a good wipe down with mineral oil and they look fantastic. Or if you want you can stain and recoat with varnish to your liking.

  2. Armagh Avatar

    If memory serves, you had high praise for the WASR 10, which is also imported by Century. How is it that the RAS ends up being a dangerous instrument after 5K rounds but the WASR is the Hungry Whore if they came from the same manufacturer? Am thinking about a WASR but don’t want to end up with a grenade. Thanks.

    1. Asamurai Avatar

      WASR-10s are made in Romania and imported to the United Stated by Century Arms. Century Arms is actually making the RAS-47 from American made parts they are either buying or machining themselves. That’s why they are 2 completely different guns, they are not products from the same manufacturer, they are from the same importer from different manufacturers.

      1. Armagh Avatar

        Thanks for that.

  3. LeeM Avatar

    I was one of those people pulling for the RAS47 to past 5k rounds. I purchased one recently for my first AK home defense platform. I have zero interest in getting rid of it, but now I plan to log every shot fired through it and compare my progress to the rifle in this video series. Also will definitely get a “no-go gauge” to monitor the head spacing. Thanks for the vids, very helpful!

    Rob Ski are you posting the video of the metal thickness testing for the internals?

  4. scotty Avatar

    Outstanding work ROB!

    I now have a set of headspace gages on the way thanks to you!


  5. Steve Avatar

    Hi Rob, excellent testing, by far the most thorough and unbiased information available. I really love your you tube channel. Looking forward to the SLR 107 5000 round test. I have a Century C39V2 and it had to go back for the BCG warranty. What scares hell out of me is that on the RAS 47 is that the bolt carrier cooled over the no-go gauge. I’m debating if I need to get a set of gauges or just trade for a WASR 10. Thanks Rob and crew for all the work you guys do. Just outstanding,

  6. Airborne Dan Avatar
    Airborne Dan

    So what is Century doing after seeing problems with the head space? I guess I’m back to using my Yugo and dumping the RAS47..yikes.

  7. E.Train Avatar

    Thanks for this Rob. Even though I do not own a RAS (almost did!) I plan on getting some head-space gauges for my AKs.

    Quick Question: Should the AK bolt close only on the “GO” gauge or should it close on the “Field” gauge as well?

  8. Daniel Avatar

    The end result of this RAS47 is detrimental to the Century Arms name.. glad nobody has been injured by the poor quality control that Century preached they had under control. Thanks Rob and everyone who makes videos like this happen! Once again the proof is in the pictures! Sheesh.

  9. Kevin Avatar

    Did you ever state when this rifle was purchased and what the serial number range was?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It was in the first video, but rifle was purchased roughly month ago and serial # is in upper 25k

      1. Kevin Avatar

        Ok, thanks, missed that. Same as mine. Hopefully this is not how all of them will perform.

  10. ScottyB Avatar

    Game over century

  11. Big Daddy Avatar
    Big Daddy

    Thank you keep up the good work. I wish more people in the industry would do this type of honest testing. Too many sell-outs these days looking for a pay day from a company. And the list is growing longer.

    It’s a matter of economics, price point. The better quality material raises the price out of the range for the casual shooter. I agree 100% everyone who owns an AK should get a set of gauges. That is great advice and everyone with an AK should do it. If you are going to bet your life on a firearms make sure they are of a higher quality and reliable. No firearm should have those issues at 5K rounds if properly lubed and treated like you did with that AK. For instance a Glock should last to at least 50K or more with only a recoil spring change.

    I’m no expert especially with AKs, but it looks like soft metal and poor functional alignment or bigger tolerances in the wrong places. I had an old WASR 10 that was beat up a bit and it was built like a tank. Yes there was some minor issues with the receiver rivets but nothing that would effect function like that RAS 47. It even had an original Romanian chrome lined barrel as far as I know. You could tell the metal parts were not soft metal and hard old style steel.

    I think these American companies trying to recreate the Russian AK-47 for the American market have to step up their game. What made the AK-47 the stuff of legends was the quality of Russian steel. The AK-47 is a simple effective design like the T-34 tank of WWII. That’s what made them work so well in so many places all over the world and to deviate from that is a disservice to the intent of the original design.

    I am of Russian/Polish/Ukrainian/Latvian descent and appreciate what they did in terms of weapons & firearms over the years in those countries. The AK-47 is not rocket science you have to use high quality steel with the correct hardening, we are not talking about some lost process it’s basic metallurgy.

  12. ScottyB Avatar


    the AK union logo is awesome but it makes the page really hard to read.

    It would be better if you had an all black background.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I will look into it.

  13. Julio F. Garcia Avatar
    Julio F. Garcia

    After watching your 5K video on the C.A.I. and listening to your comments. I will not put my monies on a RAS47. Can you please recommend an AK that is currently available and that has a good price point. Thank you.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get DAKM 4150N from Definitive Arms and be done with it.

  14. Jim McMurtray Avatar
    Jim McMurtray

    I have a fairly early Century Yugo underfolder with the wooden hand guard and Zastava marked trunion. Are there any issues with those?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I haven’t heard much

  15. Snake Avatar

    Have there been major problems like this on the c39v2 any info would be greatly appreciated

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea, this would have to be tested.

  16. LeeM Avatar

    Will there be a “metal thickness test” update video for the RAS internals?

  17. Ron Avatar

    Rob, if carrier tail is not deformed by hitting face of hammer is it slamming into recoil spring guide/dust cover retainer?

  18. Darth_Onion Avatar

    Has century even commented on this test yet? I hav a RAS that’s of the 20600 sn group with about 1500 rnds through it.they going th fix this crap or am I’m I going to have the head space tightened up myself?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, no feedback so far from them.

  19. William Godman Avatar
    William Godman

    Thank you Rob.I own an Ras47 and the information in your videos are fun to watch and educational.Knowing what I know now I am going to keep a close eye on it.I also bought go no gauges to check head space.Only 300 rounds shoot through it so far. I will be taking it out soon when I have some free time.Thanks Again.

  20. Mike Avatar

    I actually purchased the RAS47, then watched your 5000 round review. I should have done more homework before making the purchase but must have focused more on the positive reviews to help solidify my choice. Your reviews are factual, detailed, and non-biased. I ended up cancelling my purchase on the RAS since I was so worried about the quality and ended up ordering an Arsenal SAM7SF. Now I feel confident in my purchase, even though it cost more. Confidence is key, especially with firearms. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thanks for being with us!

  21. John D Avatar
    John D

    I recently bought an ras47 without doing enough research apparently. Are there specific weak points on the rifle that I can upgrade to make safe and reliable or am I better off getting rid of my new purchase and just getting a wasr10 or npap? I want a decent rifle I can trust and depend on. In other words can the ras47 platform be built to be a good rifle?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Personally, i would just get Wasr10. If you have money, get new vepr FM from kvar ($999).

      1. John d Avatar
        John d

        Thanks for the response. Can’t just go spending more and more money without recovering my loss first. I’ve found I can’t sell the ras47 for a reasonable price but I can trade. I have offers to trade my ras47 for a numbers matching sks-m (one that was made to take ak mags from the factory) or an older wasr-10 that’s claimed to be good. Any advice?

        1. John d Avatar
          John d

          Leaning towards the sks-m from a reliability standpoint.

  22. Brent Copeland Avatar
    Brent Copeland

    Hey rob, are the zhukov edition ras47s the same as original ras47? You stated in video that “this rifle is better than first rifle” and that the objective is to inform century so they can improve. If they had already improved some wouldnt it be safe to say that the zhukov versions could be improved more (as stated in shot show 2016 vid). Especially since the zhukov furniture didnt come out until a year after ras47 was released. My shop has a ras47 zhukov and they swear its improved and even offer a lifetime warranty with it but the serial# is in 11k range. Just doesnt seem right unless its a new version. Any info would be grest. Thanks and keep up great work.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, this is the same thing, only difference is furniture. It is also possible that they have included their new side rail.

  23. Mike Avatar

    My buddy bought a Raz47 and after 400 rounds he broke it down and polished all the areas where there was wear and tear. Since he polished the rifle, it seems to have fixed any wear and tear problems.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Mike, problem is that like on my RAS47 when we took it down and tested for hardness and etc, they used 4140 steel on bolt and trunnion which is rated for torque applications. Now as you can imagine, bolt and trunnion action, that’s clearly HIGH IMPACT application…you don’t have to be scientist to predict how this is going to end…

      1. Mike Avatar

        If we replace the bolt and trunnion are we good?
        I have a Raz47 sitting in my safe. 🙁

        1. SubclavianRabbit Avatar

          From what I’ve read, unless you are a fairly well-equipped and confident machinist, you are looking at around the cost of a brand new RAS47 for the parts and labor to do so, being that the AK platform isn’t modular like the AR. So you’re spending the same amount as a more well-regarded rifle anyway 😕

  24. Dan Avatar

    Rob I think all the hating you are doing on the c39v2 is bias.
    I have replaced my bolt with the new polish milled bolt and changed out the bolt carrier to the milled 1960 polish bolt carrier.
    I recently watched the video on the military arms Chanel showing the canting of the bolt.
    I can say that even with all the replacement parts I have mentioned above, the bolt still has the cant.
    And so does a Waser.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Dan, you can thing whatever you want. There are numerous C39V2 which blew in people’s hands. We posted about those cases, we alarmed Century – they know about it and do nothing because people like you refuse to accept reality and keep feeding them with money…

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