Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 2000rds later…

Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 2000rds later…

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4 responses to “Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 2000rds later…”

  1. Ninjagypsy Avatar

    Nice work u all do , have u ever tested a amd 65 cii model I just ordered one from classic arms for 499.99 and wish u guys would put one threw the Ak test I’ve heard Hungarian make the best and watched your video on the 63d witch I almost bought …. Thanks again for the best reviews on the internet period , much love from me and my Ak loving friends …….

  2. E.Train Avatar

    Hey Rob, would you say the magazine catch pin was undersized? I have never seen that happen before.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, size is correct, it just wasn’t smashed correctly on the other end.

      1. E.Train Avatar


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