5000 rds Test – Choose New “Victim”

It is clear that Ras47 and WBP, 5000 rounds stress tests (still in progress), set the new standard for rifles testing. These tests are simply “golden mine” of unbiased information about rifles performance and wear of those rifles internal components. We want to continue to go this path, to give AKOU members the best feedback possible on tested rifles.
At this point, we turn to you, to help us to select next rifle for our 5000 rds ย signature stress test. Voting pool will be open until end of Sunday, April 3rd.
We want to start this process early, so it will give us a time to collect money to purchase rifle and ammunition for it. Unfortunately, we are not millionaires…
If rifle will survive testing and it will be still operational, we willย do giveaway on it!
Choices are as follow (in alphabetic order – pictures and prices below were taken from Atlantic Firearms):

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We can do this only because of your support for AK Operators Union Store and your donations (to donate just click “Donate” button- it is serviced by secure server).

Money from donations: $1069 (as of 4/10/16)

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58 responses to “5000 rds Test – Choose New “Victim””

  1. Perry Avatar

    Love to see one on the ddiak74

    1. drumvudu Avatar

      Me too. I have 3 of them and they run like a monster. Come on guys, give us some DDI love!!!

      1. Echo22 Avatar

        Same, love my 47 DDI, let the Arsenal go first though hehe

    2. Anthony Avatar

      Yes that would great!

  2. Aaron Avatar

    I’m loving these reviews! Can’t wait to see the 2000 round video on RAS 47. Please test the NPAP next, or ASAP!

  3. James Avatar

    I voted for I.O., so that those who support them will open their eyes as to how “well built” those rifles actually are lol xD

    1. Rich White Avatar
      Rich White

      I voted I.O. just to see if Rob is crazy enough to actually attempt it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. JASON CARLOS Avatar

      I would like to see i bought one didnt know any better

  4. Bryan G Avatar
    Bryan G


    Would love to see the SLR put to the test. I just purchased one after waiting months for the DAKM to come back in stock at Atlantic. Still looking to get DAKM but don’t know how much longer they are going to be.

    1. Terry Avatar

      Same here, waited for a DAKM and wanted an investment grade AK before they become hard to get, or prices skyrocket. Unfortunately I didn’t want to wait and gamble for a DAKM and got a SLR107-32 from my LGS.

  5. Ethan Avatar

    All would be grand. Though I voted for the Zastava, I think the Arsenals have been getting off light.

    Really, I have little doubt an Arsenal will make the grade, I just want a crack at winning it!

  6. Peter kale Avatar
    Peter kale

    Love watching these videos

    Any chance of trying the m+m industries m10 762 in the mix?

  7. Tom mcdonough Avatar
    Tom mcdonough

    Would like to see the VEPR tested. I supposedly has a thicker bull barrel and and RPK receiver which is to withstand full auto

  8. Tony Avatar

    Zastava npap. I think the last one was a q.c. mistake.

  9. bob Avatar

    Another for NPap !! Thanks Rob

  10. RJ Avatar

    Curious to see how the Zastava NPAP would fare.
    But would like to see the I.O. rifle redeem itself.
    So I’m voting on the I.O. AK

  11. Sarge Avatar

    I vote the over-priced Arsenal…..

    1. Brian Avatar

      How do you figure arsenal is overpriced? Chf barrel, hot hammer forged everything else. Nobody sells a rifle right now that gives you anywhere near the features for under 1k. My opinion. Saying that my wasr is still my favorite and I have everything arsenal has made in 7.62×39 in the last 7 years.

      1. Sarge Avatar

        A quick google with tell you any “under 1K” Arsenal is selling for more… usually $1400- $1499 before shipping and FFL charges. Almost as much as a Definitive Arms.
        Are they junk, No not at all.
        Are they overpriced for how they shoot and perform versus a $700- $900 AK… Yes.

        $800 DDI AKs out perform every Arsenal in the shop…. fact.
        12 types of ammo, 100 yards on paper and steel…5 different shooters over a dozen rifles, there are several options for the $$$.

        1. Brian Avatar

          That is a lot of wrong info sarge. Arsenal Slr 107 is under 1k. And the only thing ddi will do better at is accuracy. The Ras 47 is more accurate than the arsenal. That’s because these rifles barrels are not chrome lined. But would you say the ras47 is better? Ddi is made from a used parts kit of unknown round count with a barrel that might be 12moa after 10k rounds. There is no comparison. And the difference in accuracy is only measurable when using a magnified optic.

          1. Brian Avatar

            Still if I had 1k for one rifle I’d get the wasr. And 1k rounds and mags. And some targets. And maybe use the rest for beer

          2. Miki Avatar

            My SAM7 is showing some wear and wanted to see if it is going to stop or worsen. That being said, I put a rather massive ARES adjustable compensator using an adapter and the groups have shrunk to about 2 in MOA for some reason.

        2. Terry Avatar

          Nope, if you can find a slr107fr you are at $999. I got plum slr107 $1060 at My local gun shop with tax. Even K-Var was $999 for the black. If you pay $1400 and not get a SA-M7, 104/106/107UR Krink, or a SGL31 you did not shop well.

  12. Oscar Avatar

    The n pap is going to take it

  13. Lewis Avatar

    1000 + votes and only showing $50.00 in donations ? If that’s accurate, to all who enjoy and learn from Robs’ videos and voted and did NOT send in at least $5, YOU SUCK and should be embarrassed. I work for a minimal wage but still found enough to buy a hat from the store and also donated some ( more than $5 ) money. Cheap gooberheads who don’t help out here should go to the plethora of toy rifle sites. AKs are for grownups. I welcome AKOU to share my e-mail with anyone who has the pebbles to respond , nasty or otherwise, to my comments.

  14. RyanAD Avatar

    Arsenal slr107

  15. Matt Flaherty Avatar

    Rob, your test protocol is great fun to watch… but the music you select isn’t that fun to listen to and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the bands you use aren’t going to want you to pay to use their material. I would be happy to send you some of my band’s recordings (or even download codes) for you to use free of charge.

    Stay cool brotheran

  16. Lee Armory Avatar

    Lee Armory Rifles?

  17. Gibby Avatar

    Zastava please.

  18. Mike pawluk Avatar
    Mike pawluk

    I voted npap because the opap wasn’t a choice, I want to see zastava redeem themselves.

    Somebody has to tie with the wasr for budget King

  19. Daniel Crowe Avatar
    Daniel Crowe

    I say Arsenal. I have one and it is back at the factory at this moment getting repaired from a canted rear sight block. I have heard the Quality Control is getting slack and I am curious to see if this is so!! May even let you use and abuse mine to see!

  20. Adam Avatar

    I can’t believe you don’t like the PAP series. I swear that they are great rifles. Vepr and Zastava are great and similar in quality. I am no WASR hater but there is a lot to be said about an O PAP or an M-92. I mean shit, half of Iraq uses the M-70. The M-70AB2 is essentially an RPK carbine with night sights and integral grenade launching abilities.

  21. D Avatar

    I chose the High Standard but it seems few others agree.The reason that I chose the High Standard is that being a relatively new offering there is not so much information out there and I thought that it would be interesting and helpful to learn more.2nd choice would be the Petronov for the same reason,less information about it than the others.

  22. Tackleberry Avatar

    I voted IO just to see if the rumors and myths are correct. After all the anti IO comments I’ve seen it would be nice to have one ran thru the farm.

  23. AmericanOnStrike!!! Avatar

    I wish I could send you my Saiga 223. for a torture test, but I don’t think I could living in New York.
    It would be an honor to see it get that ass kicked on your channel.

    1. AmericanOnStrike!!! Avatar

      It only has 30 rounds through it, so it;s still baby fresh.

  24. Mike Calise Avatar
    Mike Calise


  25. Hodgie Avatar

    Would love to see DDI on the list however I think doing a top tier AK like the Arsenal next would show everyone how a properly built AK should run and hold up.

    Maybe Century can use the comparison for future engineering and design changes.

  26. Torren Avatar

    I chose the Arsenal SLR 107, because they are known to be a great rifle overall, but let’s really put that to the test, to see if they really as good as everybody claims they are, I want to see how much abuse it can really take!

  27. nathaniel dutile Avatar
    nathaniel dutile

    there’s not many reviews on the high standard, come on! vote for it!

  28. John Avatar

    Please test both the Arsenal and Petronov.

  29. Nick V Avatar
    Nick V

    Would love to see a stress test on one of these

    Arsenal 107 7.62×39
    Vepr ak 7.62×39
    Definitive arms ak 7.62×39
    DDI ak 7.62×39

  30. AS Avatar

    I vote for the Petronov, CHF Radom barrel with Childers receiver from Polish blanks with Polish surplus mil-spec parts. If this cannot take the 5,000 round torture test, I am chucking all my AK’s are going the AR route, LOL.

  31. AK/AR shooter Avatar
    AK/AR shooter

    I contributed $10… #1) Own Arsenal products new and old and all have zero problems. So I don’t need a review and other have covered their brand over and over. #2) High Standard: New comer with almost no info. Interested it how a non biased test would turn out. #3)I.O. INC. My dad bought one and after I inspected it and fired ~100-150 rounds I dobut it would make it to 2k rounds. My old man sold the rifle first chance he got but I wish we wold of kept it and shot the crap out of it. After moving locations they either are a better product for a fair amount of money or are just and bad as always. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ROB’S UNBIASED TESTING TO TELL THE TRUTH ONCE AND FOR ALL. #4) Petronov. Unfamiliar with as of now. But the price listed above is more than I paid for my Definitive Arms AK and I can’t see a better rifle in the AK series for the same money. Like it the same if not better than stamped Arsenal. Plus others will review it. No one else respectable will touch an I.O. INC, this is why ROB MUST test it! #5) Zestava: Over reviewed and they all say the same. It is “OK”. Plus I know five guys who own one!
    Inform us all. Horrible scrap or hidden best buy? I. O. INC. My #2 would be a well built and respected kit gun. DA, DDI for example. The factory configuration side folder 7.62 Arsenal that there are 500,000+ of all seem to run almost flawless in the 20+ I have shot or know the owner. Boringly reliable?

  32. Rush Avatar

    I really wanted the RAS to do better than it did. Hopefully I.O. will hit the mark of inexpensive but reliable AK.

    1. Skoll Avatar

      I sincerely doubt it as other reviewers have already pointed out a bunch of flaws in their own manufacturing process.

  33. Lew Avatar

    Rob and AKOU have my sincere appreciation for this ( and all ) undertaking (s) and the information provided to all us AK fans. IT IS INVALUABLE. In the past year I have learned more about our favorite rifle here than I could have anywhere else. As I have stated before I am blown away by the number of people who vote vs. the donation amount ( look carefully at the top of the page ). Seems as of Sunday you barely had enough to buy an I.O.! To the folks who $upport Rob and this possibly UNPRECEDENTED venture, stop reading here. To the whiney ” I want to see this one” and ” I want to see that one ” dip wads who didn’t contribute; go ask your mommy for some money. I doubt AKOU is able to, but if any giveaway contest related to this project was restricted to those who contribute I bet they would have enough to buy 20 test rifles. Thanks for letting me comment, I look forward to the testing results.

    1. Bryan G Avatar
      Bryan G

      Come on guys and gals Lew is dead on. If everyone sends just $1 it will help. They are even going to give the rifle away when they are done. Think about what a conversation piece that would be to own.

  34. Torpex Avatar

    DDI Stamped

  35. TX_HogSlayer Avatar

    $35 sent from Texas because we’re better ‘Muricans that the rest of you. If you think otherwise match it or beat it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you!

    2. Lew Avatar

      That’s what I’m talkin’ about ! I think we need an AKOU training session down here in Texas soon.

  36. John Avatar

    ARSENAL SLR107FR-31 = a booooring review. If a $1000 rifle built on the tried and true 7.62×39 platform cannot chew up 5,000 rounds without a major malfunction something is wrong. Perhaps the two most common rounds in assault rifles are the 7.62×39 and the 5.56 NATO. So, why not think outside the box here and pick Arsenal’s 5.56 version of the AK?

  37. Torpex Avatar

    Ok, Rob Lets do this. I have 2 DDI stamped basic models waiting for me at the house. I am currently overseas and wont be home till sometime in July or Aug. Both are brand new in the box unfired except DDI proofing fire. I will have the little lady send one to you for a 5000 rd test if you are willing to do the test. I do want it back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let the rest of the community buy the ammo. I reckon that if you put some of that custom duct tape on it that will count as “gunsmithing”. Right? email me if you are interested.

  38. Vanya Avatar

    I’m in for ten bucks. Voted for High Standard, cuz I don’t know anything about them, and it’s affordable with what’s been donated. Got to echo what people up-thread said… A buck and a quarter per head buys all the guns on that list, with enough left over for lunch. Might want to consider a Patreon or something, Mr. Ski

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you. Donations have been updated!

  39. Steve Avatar

    Rob, I vote for the Arsenal.

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