RAS 47 1500rds Later – Mortal Combat!

RAS 47 1500rds Later – Mortal Combat!

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12 responses to “RAS 47 1500rds Later – Mortal Combat!”

  1. Randy J. Avatar
    Randy J.

    Really enjoy this series.
    That sight hood definitely looks weaker made than the WASR.
    But was curious about how is the accuracy of the WASR now?
    Is there a Rebarrel planned for the future?
    Also for all your AKS etc.,Do you break in your barrels?
    Or run them as your going to run them?
    Thanks,keep up the good work.

    1. Randy J. Avatar
      Randy J.

      Also forgot to ask,is that front sight cast?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        Yes, it is cast

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      WASR still shoots within 2 moa.
      @break in – i only watch to not over heat barrels, especially in first 500rds.

  2. Art Avatar

    Wow, It looks like it’s taking a real beating. I bought my RAS47 before I found your video reviews and blog. I did watch several other video reviews that were positive before I made the purchase. The serial number is in the 30,000 so I hope the rumor of Century Arms making improvements is true. I haven’t taken it to the range as of yet. When I do I’ll post about my experience. Rob your videos are very informative and well done. Keep up the good work!

  3. Brian Avatar

    How many people think it will make it to 5k? I bet it does. Still it’s funny we are discussing a kalash that is falling apart at less than 2k rounds. I wonder if the Russians are laughing at us. I also wonder if they make a really crappy m4.

  4. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, looked at the pics really close and working in a foundry I can tell you that that bolt is a cast part, you can see parting lines from the core and the front where the piston is pinned is hollow from core not machining, on the wasr you can see all the cut marks if you look, that’s why the ras looks so nice.my experience with cast molds is the like to crack where there are sharp edges so look very close at the bolt for cracks in the future,the cracks will only open up when it gets hot so be carefull.

    1. mike pawluk Avatar
      mike pawluk

      good job roger i live in pennsylvania so there is a lot of steel work, ive been showing my dad (steelworker) these pics and he thinks its a joke. but then again he is also pure ukrainian so his ideology of russian designed weapons is very old school.

      it better be built like a tank!

  5. vorkosigan Avatar

    the more i watch these tests, the more I appreciate my decision to go with “the bargain spread” the WASR– the comparison shots are telling as to durability. Of course, I also assembled a PSAK from Palmetto State barreled receiver kit. … look forward to you doing the same kind of testing of PSAs offering–the cast trunnion worries me…

  6. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I am told that the C39V2 contains these same cast bolts and carriers …. sadly , I own one of these beautiful milled
    pieces of crap . What bothers me the most about my C39V2 , is the fact that the C39V2 could have possibly been
    one of the finest milled receiver AK’s produced , if only Century had used forged steel components …. even the
    RAS47 could have been a great american rifle . Who , in their right mind puts a soft cast steel bolt in a high powered rifle ?…. don’t these idiots know that cutting corners like this only worsens their already tarnished
    reputation ?…. What does brother RobSki think about all this ? Someone needs to ” clean house ” over there
    at Century Arms !

    1. twr Avatar

      A shame, I really wanted one of these too. If you are stuck with one already, Texas gun smith used a polish surplus bolt and carrier made for a stamped gun in his c39v2 and it worked out pretty well. Because of that I am still keeping it as an option, but if ddi is still using Hungarian parts in their milled guns when I am ready to buy, that’s what I’m going with.

  7. LeeM Avatar

    Great video series, looking forward to every 500rd update! Thanks for the time and effort you put into the RAS47 testing, keep fighting the good fight Rob.

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