Running with AK

Running with AK rifle – 3 styles, 3 different techniques ย and what about SAFETY? New AK Manipulation series video is out!

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6 responses to “Running with AK”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Good info, again. I would however question having that sling so long…Great opportunity to trip yourself on that one while running. Also in a forest you would have been caught with branches etc on that sling. I read way back from some guys book something like”you are not supposed to have a sling on battlerifle, gun is meant to be used to shoot the enemy not to be carried in your shoulder” or something like that…That guy had been in many SHTF situations so I would guess he knows his shit, but I would still argue that logic.If you are carrying that rifle for a longer period of time also with some other equipment with you(backpack etc) I would definitely see the benefit of having a sling.Maybe that guy was using M16 with carry handle and that’s why he didn’t see the point of having a sling, don’t know.

    Back in my training we were told to have that sling folded so it didn’t hang away from the gun and have the folded part under the support hand. This way it won’t get stuck when you are moving through forest etc.I never felt really comfortable with that since we used these quite heavybuilt leatherslings and they were a bit bulky when folded, It was hard to keep the gun steady while firing. Of course you can drop that sling from your hand but if you are in a movement it might be difficult, especially if you need to get that sling back under your support hand. Haven’t really thought about that after the military, at the moment I don’t have slings on my AKs. What are your thoughts about that sling Rob?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Always use sling in real life. Reason is very simple, you are limiting possibility of separation with your weapon. And no, you don’t have to be blown away, you can trip and fall down from the hill or something. I have seen some crazy shit man happening in the woods. In the real life, sling is always going over my head and left arm. That’s no joke.
      I like to have those magpul slings, because you can instantly adjust tension on it to meet your needs. These are perfect slings. I use them on my M4 and AKs…;-)

  2. Ethan Avatar

    I can’t answer for Rob, but as someone who shoots regularly in the woods of Virginia, I can throw in a couple pennies:

    When I am moving through the woods, the sling is usually looped over my head, resting on the back of my neck. From this position I can maintain control of my rifle while walking, sprinting, sliding, crawling or firing. There is enough give in the sling for me to maneuver the rifle into a carry position on my back if I need two hands for something. I can also sling (Pun intended) the rifle back into a ready position quickly using one hand. Its not perfect and if not wearing a collared shirt the sling can grow irritating. I adopted this method of carry for my AK after watching Rob’s videos with Dima from Center-T.

  3. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Thanks for the input guys. Correction to my post: I don’t have any slings YET on my AKs, I want to have those (also for my VEPR12) but with limited time etc reasons haven’t bought any so far. That is because I want to do some research to find the sling(s) that suits my needs. So far only had time to go to indoor range were use of sling is not really necessary…(I work and travel way too much outside of it’s hard to find time to play with my toys=for instance couple of AKs and VEPR12)

    Also forgot to mention that that sling folding method was taught to be used only in certain situations, of course the sling was used to carry weapon(in different styles, depending on the situation in hand). My bad.

    Rob, how about a video of different sling options and how to use them on AKs ?

  4. Cameron Avatar

    I thought slings were made for stability when shooting like this:

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You shoot like this with sling when you do matches…;-)

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