Texas Weapon Systems Gen 3 Dust cover

TWS Gen3Tomorrow will be -5F in the morning…It will be perfect day for testing Texas Weapon Systems Gen 3 Dust cover…smile emoticon
I have just finished my “custom” cheek riser work on it.
Scope is Primary Arms R – Grid. I will zero it at 100yds and i will have to dial it in 21.1 MOA on the scope for 500yds distance.
Link to scope.
Trajectory Data below for those who care, this is 7.62×39 HP, 123gr…wink emoticon
Range Drop Drop
(yd) (in) (MOA)
0 -3 ***
100 0 0
200 -5.4 -2.6
300 -22.4 -7.1
400 -55.5 -13.2
500 -110.7 -21.1
600 -195.6 -31.1

4 responses to “Texas Weapon Systems Gen 3 Dust cover”

  1. brian Avatar

    That sounds like fun. Hey, could you put a slant break on the rifle for a few rounds and see if it has an effect on accuracy vs your current break?

  2. Ramon falconi Avatar

    I see you on utube like your video are very helpful i have an ols slr 95 arsenal .continue doing your excelent job .

  3. James Avatar

    What scope mount is this?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Texas Weapon Systems Gen3

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