Shootout Test: DDI AKM47

T3This time we took DDI made AK, for our Shootout Test.
Shootout test is based on 3 stages: 100yds, 200yds and 300yds. 2 shooters are using the same rifle at each stage. At 100yds, points are multiplied by 1 and shooters can score maximum of 6 points each (6 hits = 6 points). At 200yds, points are multiplied by 2 and shooters can score maximum of 10 points each (5 hits x 2 = 10 points). Finally, at 300yds, points are multiplied by 3 and  shooters can score maximum of 15 points each (5 hits x 3 = 15 points). Time is recorded at each stage. At the end, all points and times are calculated into the “stage average”.
DDI AKM47 Scores (average per stage):
Time: 9:95s
Points: 9 on 12 (75%)
Time: 10:12s
Points: 18 on 20 (90%)
Time: 24:07s
Points: 18 on 30 (60%)
Final Score (totals): 
Time: 14:71
Points: 45 on 62 (72%)

YouTube video

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11 responses to “Shootout Test: DDI AKM47”

  1. Jerry Rumsey Avatar
    Jerry Rumsey

    So you have spent some time with the DDI AK and I have reviewed your video several times. My question is should I buy one of these or get a WASR and case of ammo for the same price?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      WASR could be hit or miss. WASR has better barrel, DDI has better QC…

  2. Mike Avatar

    Hey Rob,
    Will the Zenitco B30 hand guard have issues fitting the DDI AKM47 because of the hand guard retainer? I understand that some dremel tool action is required.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Front retainer and back. All could be done, but you must use dremel too for it…

  3. Adam Avatar

    Hey Rob, what muzzle device are you guys using here? I recently picked up the Manticore Nightbreak based on your top 6 video and blog entry.

  4. David Pruitt Avatar
    David Pruitt

    Doesn’t DDI uses a green mountain barrel same as Wasr? I was looking at DDI or should I look at Definitive Arms?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DDI is using GM barrels, but WASR has Romanian CHF barrel. If you can find DA, get DA rifle.

  5. David Pruitt Avatar
    David Pruitt

    I will check out DA Rifles. Are they connected with IO? I checked on the Destructive Devises Incorporated website and they are claiming that they use 4140 Green Mountain Barrels? Hmm? I have seen your videos taking apart the rifles and going through all the parts. This is good. Companies will cut corners to make a buck. Always remember Quality before Quantity. and they will retain their value in the long run.

    1. E-Train Avatar

      Definitive Arms is not affiliated with IO.

      DDI uses barrels, built by Green Mountain,, with their own specifications.

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DA has no connection to IO.

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