American made 9mm AK – AKX 9 from Definitive Arms!

AKX_9_7Definitive Arms is one the top AK makers in USA, but this is their first major attempt to create 9mm AK. Because of the size of this project, they team up with Atlantic Firearms on this to help to absorb cost associated with ย research and development and production of something as unique as AKX-9. This rifle works perfectly with all kinds of 9mm ammo – even hollow points. We have it for almost a month now and we have seen zero malfunctions. Rifle is driven by gas blowback system (just like Russian Vityaz or Saiga 9). Here is our first take on this rifle.

YouTube video

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2 responses to “American made 9mm AK – AKX 9 from Definitive Arms!”

  1. Ray Avatar

    Location of Michigan dealers for AKX_9mm…Ray

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I think closes one will be in IN: Copper Customs.

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