Russian Spetsnaz Combat Instructors in Action – Reaction to “Contact” Drill

Dimas are performing simple Reaction to “Contact” Drill. Both Dimas are highly skilled and trained individuals. These are real rifles and real bullets flying around. This isn’t a game! – Rob Ski

YouTube video

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One response to “Russian Spetsnaz Combat Instructors in Action – Reaction to “Contact” Drill”

  1. WinAndLegend Avatar

    Have you ever used a BelOMO PO 3.5x21P? It’s ridiculously huge and heavy, just a bit over 2lb. However despite the weight, it does not make the rifle feel any heavier because it sits so far back. I’m curious what you or the Dimas think of that optic, considering BelOMO is one of the older Russian optics manufacturers and is known for quality optics.

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