TWS Dog Leg Gen2 – Catastrophic Fail

TWS Dog Leg Gen2 is popular option on US market to mount optics on AK rifles. However, after our tests, we can’t recommend Texas Weapons System Dog Leg Gen 2 to you guys. TWS railed dust cover suffered catastrophic malfunction during our test.TWS2 Because of this, weapon became unusable. When AK rifle can operate without dust cover, part of the requirement to install Dog Leg, is removal of original rear sight. In our situation, when the TWS system could be removed to continue to shoot, we would have no iron sights to rely on…hence our rifle became unserviceable at this point. In my opinion, all AK accessories, should easily survive drop from at least 6 feet on soft ground without taking any damage…It is my recommendation that all future generations of Dog Leg should have totally different / reinforced hinge system. It is beyond me, why some of the Alfa team members could be seen using this product…However, I do think that Dog Leg has a place to be used as range accessory, when you don’t need that much durability and environmental conditions are not a factor.
Please note that this is only my personal opinion. I also want to point out, that originally, Dima was clearly against using Dog Leg, because of his own experiences with it. However, I wanted to give it an honest and unbiased chance. I also want to give kudos to TWS for cooperating with us and accepting our challenge. I honestly hope to see and test Gen 3 at some point.

TWS Dog Leg Gen2 Video Review

YouTube video

Detailed pictures of damage

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9 responses to “TWS Dog Leg Gen2 – Catastrophic Fail”

  1. Asamurai Avatar

    Would the Zenit Railed Cover’s hinges have survived this fall? Or a side rail mount? Is there a receiver mount you would recommend instead of the TWS cover, other then the Zenit?

  2. NeophyteTroglodyte Avatar

    Thanks for the videos and all the great info, Rob.

    I was hoping that either the TWS Dogleg or the Parabellum Armaments AKARS would be an option for me. I have a Clinton AW Ban era Arsenal SLR 95 which is very accurate. I just picked up a Hi Lux AK scope for it, and now I’m trying to figure out how to mount it, as it has no scope rail. I intend to use it for hog hunting, and maybe some tactical training.

    I’ve looked at the Zenit and the TDI, but they’re both pretty pricey options. Would you go ahead and have a receiver rail mount put on, and if so, is there one in particular you would recommend? Or should I bite the bullet and spend $300 on the Zenit or TDI? Seek out a new-old-stock AKARS? Or go with the TWS?

    I’m wondering what your thoughts are as I consider my options.

    1. NeophyteTroglodyte Avatar

      Just noticed that the Zenit and TDI both seem to be for stamped receivers only. That takes them off the table as options.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        Yes, they are for stamped receivers only.

  3. NeophyteTroglodyte Avatar

    So, Rob – Any preliminary take on the new Texas Weapons Systems v3 and whether it addresses your complaint with the v2? I just got my Bulgy style sideplate and started looking for gunsmiths to mount it for me when I saw the new version. Starting to have second thoughts. Would you mount a rail, and use the Midwest 30mm ring to hold a 1-4 scope, or would you go the Texas Weapons Systems dogleg v3 route?

    Or do you think either option is a good one?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It looks better. We will see…time will tell.

      1. NeophyteTroglodyte Avatar

        Rob – I’ve decided to try the TWS v3. Will let you know how I like it. Thanks again for all the great videos, and happy new year!

  4. Patrick Gardner Avatar
    Patrick Gardner

    Everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that while possible, a drop from shoulder height with the dust cover open is highly unlikely. What kind of immediate action drill or cleaning operation would that simulate? Either way, the reason that hinge is BOLTED to the rails system is because it is designed to be a “sacrificial” part. It worked exactly as it was designed to. When the hinge tab is subjected to a bending force , instead of breaking the ears off of your rear sight block (permanently damaging the rifle) all you have to do is remove two screws and replace the hinge itself instead of the whole rail system. Kinda smart, like companies that provide sacrificial end caps for their suppressors in case you get an end cap strike. Replace a small part instead of the whole thing.

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