AK 47 (AKM) Muzzle Devices Review: SRVV Jet Brake 14-1LH; Echo93 Flash Suppressors

Russian SRVV company continues to prove her commitment to US market. They have created special version of their popular 24mm Jet Brake with 14-1LH thread, based on US customers feedback. Recently, we had a chance to take their brake for some testing. These brakes could be acquired in USA from Circle10AK. At the same moment, we have received 2 flash suppressors from Echo93. Their AKML/C and AK3P, proved to be a good companion for SRVV latest product. This is AK47 (AKM) Muzzle Devices Review!

YouTube video

Few pictures from our “Dark Room” test:

SRVV Jet Brake
SRVV Jet Brake
Echo93 AKML/C
Echo93 AKML/C
Echo93 A3P
Echo93 A3P

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11 responses to “AK 47 (AKM) Muzzle Devices Review: SRVV Jet Brake 14-1LH; Echo93 Flash Suppressors”

  1. Craig Avatar

    Disregard my last, the AK3P is sitting on the front of my stamped DDI right now. Fit and finish is excellent and threads all the way flush to the FSB.

  2. Corey Avatar

    Hey Rob,

    I’m seeing the Zenit DTK-2 in a lot of your videos now. Which brake in your experience is better at reducing felt recoil, the SRVV Jet or the DTK-2? Particularly with 7.62×39.


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DTK2, because it is smaller and lighter than SRVV

  3. Harold Bryan Avatar
    Harold Bryan

    I wanted to thank you for conducting all these tests and for your assistance. I’m new to the AK-47 world and am looking for the best recoil reduction I can get. I was rear ended by a guy texting at 50mph and now only have two discs left in my neck of the seven God gave me. So it is imperative to find the best recoil reduction possible. I recently purchased a scope and went to the range to sight it in. After 10 rounds, I was in so much pain, I had to quit and go home. I have a Century Arms RAS AK-47. I know the recoil isn’t that much on an AK, but with my neck injury, I need to reduce it as much as possible. What would you recommend ? I have watched a lot of your Videos but I know you probably haven’t been able to test them all. I’m actually very surprised at the number of them available. Also, I purchased my AK with the wood furniture. I was looking to purchase also the black collapsible and folding stock with AK furniture. I found a product that says it helps eliminate recoil and wonder if you have experience with it. ATI AK-47 Ultimate Professional Strikeforce Stock Package with Scorpion Recoil System A.2.10.1029 I am asking if you would recommend the ATI Stock package or if you know of another package that would be better. I do not want to cut the tang off of the receiver to be able to install an adapter to install AR stocks. I haven’t been able to find an adaptor that you don’t have to cut off the tang to install the AR type stocks. My interest in the AR Stocks is there are more choices and the large buffer spring in them would also help with recoil I think? I was an MP in the Service and have shot and trained with a lot of small arms systems. The M-16 has no kick or like a good 22. That is what I am trying to achieve in the AK. A lot of people tell me just to get an AR-15 and get rid of the AK but I don’t want too. I really like the AK and want to be able to shoot it without it causing severe pain. Thanks again and I hope you can reply and help me.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get SLR104, which is in 5.45×39…there is no recoil on it…

      1. Anonymous Avatar


        An AK in 5.45x39mm has nearly no recoil at all–even with a bare muzzle, no muzzle device at all.

  4. Doug Avatar

    Being motivated to update the WASR 10 with a muzzle brake, I carefully cut the spot weld to remove the “thread protector” observing that there was no plunger pin on top protruding from the sight base. Imagine my surprise when the “protector” came off but neither it or the barrel was threaded. So I have a smooth barrel end and no plunger pin.

    Recommendations, guidance etc.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thread the barrel. That’s the only solution.

  5. Mike Robertson Avatar
    Mike Robertson

    Ok Rob I think I want a jet break , my current one is horrible , but I have SLR 95 the break has two roll pins and I don’t know if there’s threads , I trust u for info . Thank you Mike

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pics of the muzzle end? I don’t remember, but i think it was 14-1LH on it

  6. Ian Bardoorian Avatar
    Ian Bardoorian

    Rob I recently tried the SRVV Jet Brake on my Arsenal SAM7SF. But I honestly don’t think that there is a difference from the 74 type brake. I was very disappointed when I tried it out yesterday. I think I’ll stick with the stock 74 style for now. I may donate the SRVV to AKOU. I’m also thinking of getting a 24mm to 14mm thread adapter and trying the Lantac or Griffin M4SD.

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