AK 47 (AKM) / AK 74 – railed dust cover from TWS Dog Leg Review

AK 47 (AKM) / AK 74 – railed dust cover from TWS Dog Leg Gen II is loaded with some advance features. It comes with “cam action” release button which converts recoil spring force to 3 times cover clamping force for consistent mount. Also, their unique “spring panel” was designed to draw cover to left side of rear trunnion – inward bent tab is adjustable for tension. Finally, locking mechanism in rear, tightly secures cover to the rear trunnion and it restrains motion in 3 axis for consistent “zero”. All this sounds great in the theory, but how was “Dog Leg: performing during our review?

YouTube video

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3 responses to “AK 47 (AKM) / AK 74 – railed dust cover from TWS Dog Leg Review”

  1. OneTwoBang Avatar

    I am looking at either an RS Regulate side mount or three Texas Weapons System Gen3 dust cover. Did the TWS continue to hold zero on other rifles? Which do you prefer, RS side mount or TWS dust cover? Really value your real world opinion.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I prefer RS Regulate – not even a contest. TWS when you don’t have side rail.

      1. OneTwoBang Avatar

        Thanks for the input. I liked the look of the TWS but cosmetics are not the reason to put something on a rifle or a pistol. Glad to see that you have the RS parts in stock. Would rather buy from AKOU than a corporation.

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