Heat Torture Test for Troy AK47 / AK74 Rail System

Troy Industries is kind of new to the AK game. Just recently they came up with set of rail for AK rifles. They have 2 different versions for lower part and 1 for top portion of the hand guards. It is worth to note that upper portion is completely independent from the lower part and it is not required. Users can mix and match lower rail system with standard upper wood hand guard (for example). Troy features  very modern and ergonomic design. When this may not be visually appealing to everyone, I have to admit that way how this rail handles, truly is amazing. We will run multiple tests on Troy rails to see how well they will perform from durability point of view…this is our first take: Heat Torture Test for Troy AK47 / AK74 Rail System (Short rail).
– Rob Ski

YouTube video

2 responses to “Heat Torture Test for Troy AK47 / AK74 Rail System”

  1. P. Thomas Avatar
    P. Thomas

    Do you know if the Troy Industries Short Lower Rail fits on the Century Arms C39v2 without modifications? If it does what modifications would I need make?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea. Sorry, i don’t own c39v2 anymore.

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