Vepr 12 AK style semi auto shotgun

This is our first take on Vepr 12 AK style semi auto shotgun. This “monster” is so much fun to shoot that it is hard to describe. Top quality (Molot really did an excellent job), reliable and it delivered fantastic performance. This is clearly my favorite shotgun now, and yes, i have used Benellis and Berettas too… We got that one from Atlantic Firearms. They have it now for $799 which honestly i think it is a great deal. Here is our first take on that “beast”.

– Rob Ski

YouTube video

2 responses to “Vepr 12 AK style semi auto shotgun”

  1. LDT Avatar

    Excellent job Rob, would you deem it appropriate to conduct a 5K round test on the VEPR12? I heard from the competitive circles that they have some long term issues with bolt head snapping and falling off.

    Thanks in advance bro!.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That Vepr12 was given away my friend to one of you guys long time ago…

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