Arsenal SM-13 AK optic mount


Arsenal SM-13 w/ EOTech
Arsenal SM-13 w/ EOTech

After the successful fulfillment of a military requirement, Arsenal, Inc. has released the SM-13 to the commercial US market. This side-attaching scope mount for the AK variant rifles was born to meet and exceed the toughest objectives put in front of Arsenal, Inc. The one-piece CNC precision machined SM-13 is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and weight of is 5.76 oz (163 grams). Rail mounting surface is 7.5″ long (19.5 cm) and offers plenty of room to mount optics on it. The SM-13 utilizes the time-proven steel adjustable locking mechanism that allows instantaneous attachment and release of the scope mount without any compromise to the accuracy and loss of zero. We have tested SM-13 extensively in field for past 30 days and I’m happy to report, that Arsenal mount performed very well during these tests. It survived multiple “push ups”, drop tests and etc. At no point, “zero” was compromised. SM-13 is well made and solid product, which should satisfy needs of AK users, looking for rigid mounting system which utilizes standard AK side rail.

– Rob Ski 

Video review is listed below.

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6 responses to “Arsenal SM-13 AK optic mount”

  1. Tim Gilmour Avatar
    Tim Gilmour

    Does it work with milled receivers? Others are off center and not over bore. I noticed you were testing with a stamped receiver.

  2. Victor solis Avatar
    Victor solis

    Does this mount fit centered on a saiga 7.62×39 ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Well, if you are lucky, yes. You can’t adjust SM-13 for horizontal fitment…

  3. Jonathan Avatar

    Any recommendation for the milled Arsenal Sam7k pistol? I don’t see a mount that will work because of the rear sight.

    Love your Youtube!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check with Kvar, i think they had some for it…

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