AK mag well grip (or magazine grip)

AK mag well grip (or magazine grip) is the most popular AK grip on the planet. One would think that there is nothing complicated to talk about it here, however, with rising popularity of AK rifles in USA, we have many completely new AK users, but even more experienced AK owners, had some questions about it too. ย Of course, it is all about position of thumb from hand gripping magazine. I strongly believe that ย every rifle owner, should always be prepared to use their weapon proficiently from both sides of your body. In other words, we should be actively practicing shooting from dominating hand and so called “weak” hand. The truth is, we don’t know what may happen in life and I always like to be prepared for the worst type of scenario. If I’m wrong and mission was easy, then nobody is complaining anyhow, right? Anyhow, going back to our “thumb” position when using AK mag well grip, you should be aware of your thumb placement, especially when forced to use rifle from left hand. ย I’m explaining here which way thumb should be facing and why. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks. – Rob Ski

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    I actually found a method for controlling your AK without the scorpion grip. I gripped as far out as I could on my fore stock as possible. By the way my Serbian AK has a longer fore stock, so that may have helped. Anyways, you then take your firing hand’s elbow and bring it as close to your ribs as you can, but don’t strain yourself. This bunches up your chest muscle. Now you take a solid stance of your choice and that should reduce muzzle rise and recoil. Or at least it did for me.

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    By the way this is a scorpion grip alternative if you have iron sights.

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