AK Emergency Reloads

Why you need to know how to perform AK emergency reload? Because one day it may save your life. Often I hear critics saying, that if you will get shot, then you have bigger problems than worrying about reloading your AK. In my opinion this is very ignorant statement, because emergency reloads are not used only when you got shot. Here is real life example, few years ago one of my friends from the Spetsnaz team, got badly injured from IED blast. He had suffered broken bones in his hand and arm, yet he picked his rifle from the ground and went back to fighting, improvising and operating weapon with one hand only. Injury not always means a bullet in your body. Anyhow, below I’m posting video guides to four different emergency reloads. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, you should get familiar with all of them and use whatever works in given situation.
– Rob Ski

Method #1 – This method isn’t perfect, because you must place your rifle between your legs with barrel facing backward – so muzzle awareness is a “must” here.

YouTube video

Method #2 – This is most popular method, used by Russian operators, but be aware of muzzle obstruction.

YouTube video

Method #3 – This time I’m presenting method for AK emergency reload in prone.

YouTube video

Method #4 – Another popular between Russian operators method, but it requires you to have access to solid structure, so you can press your AK rifle muzzle against it.

YouTube video


5 responses to “AK Emergency Reloads”

  1. James Avatar

    These videos are very important. If anyone would like to see why reloading with a disabled hand/arm is so important watch this video. It’s a movie made about a shootout that happened in Miami Florida back in 1986. Two bank robbers verses several F.B.I. agents. At about 5:30 in the video you see one of the agents having to reload his weapon with one hand as earlier in the fight his other arm was shattered by a .223 bullet.

    This dramatization is very close to what actually happened that day.


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi James, i totally agree with you. Also, some of the injuries are not even “gun related”. People do suffer broken bones in combat from falls and etc as well…that shouldn’t stop anyone from returning fire if situation requires that kind of action. – Rob Ski

  2. Ray Avatar

    Could you do a video review on magpul ak pmags, I hear they’re junk, but have not seen a video that really shows why.

  3. Mike Avatar

    In method 4, isnt it easier to stay in the position and push the vertical foregrip against the railing? you dont need to push so hard because the weight of the rifle is supported on the same railing. just my thoughts maybe it could help?

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