Riley Defense Side Folder AK – Final Shot!

Riley Defense pushes past 5k but how is it holding up?
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5 responses to “Riley Defense Side Folder AK – Final Shot!”

  1. Bryant Peppler Avatar
    Bryant Peppler

    Hey! Since you are a MO citizen as I please make a video on MO senate bill 39 (SB39) and help it gain traction with your other MO viewers. This is very important for us to pass this “Second Ammendment Preservation Act” in MO. Also it’s sister Bills in the House (HB 85 and the identical HB 310 which have been rolled into one). The both have passed the General Laws committee of their respective legislation recently and are going up to the house/senate for vote soon. PLEASE, with your influence this would get it the respective views that it needs and backing.

  2. Jon Avatar

    So cool to find out you’re a fellow Missouri resident! It’s due to your videos that got me sold on buying the Riley Defense AK that I did. Thank you for posting up videos and keeping up on everything. I look forward to continuing to watch and see what all you can put out there!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you Jon!

  3. Rader Avatar

    Hey Rob!

    Iā€™m looking at this Riley side folder at my LGS. This video was taken down, unfortunately. I looked on Rumble as well and didnā€™t see it.

    It the Riley 100-ish 7.62 a good buy? Wish I could see the video! It was a good series!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi, yes, YT deleted the video and flag me for it. I didn’t have copy of it on my HD, so it’s gone…
      @Riley – their biggest enemy is their quality control. I pointed out to them things to improve but it’s up to them to keep QC in check…

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