SKS – 7.62×39 Surplus Fan!

Guys, with current AK prices going to the moon, check SKS rifles on the market. They are up from what they have been, that’s for sure, but you can still fish out nice deals out there…

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4 responses to “SKS – 7.62×39 Surplus Fan!”

  1. Vince Avatar

    I’ve had a few of these… including a Tula that I never should have sold. The one I have now is a VERY early Norinco, the ones built under Russian supervision. Machining and metal finish is vastly superior to the later (and expecially “commercial”) Norinco’s.

    I always liked shooting them more than the AK’s… as you said, it’s just a little more traditional…

  2. VinceB Avatar

    Any thoughts on the Yugo SKS’s that are on the market now… particularly the non-chrome barrels? Will they have a significantly shorter service life than the chrome-lined ones?

  3. Mike Avatar

    Thanks for sharing video. Have a Norinco and a Yugo SKS. Both in great shape and great shooters. Love shooting the older stuff with iron sites.

  4. Hector Avatar

    Made in China=Made in U.S, that’s relations. For me, Norinco is a no-no. A nice Russian one, yes. I would rather go, with German or Russian metal. It isn’t the same thing. Yes, prices are going up; Russian available. Stores here actually carry Russian rifles – a few, not like a stockpile. At those prices though, one can buy an AK. I like the SKS but I prefer the Mosin because of WWII & history. Agree, strong overall rifle & center mass. It isn’t cheap plastic that, uses Walmart swivel slings.

    The Russian ’91 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R is the father of all 7.62x54R & 7.62x39mm rifles, even NATO’s 7.62×51. It even still has more stopping force. Russia’s 7.62 is the longest lasting service issue cartridge.

    1891 RUS 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant 1891
    1954 U.S 7.62x51mm NATO M14
    = 63 years

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