AK47 10 Rounds Mags from Korea “Smack Down”

By popular demand, here is short video of “basic” abuse on those Korean imported 10 Rounds magazines.

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7 responses to “AK47 10 Rounds Mags from Korea “Smack Down””

  1. VinceB Avatar

    I tried one (in an NPAP converted from single-stack). The only weird thing about it was during loading… when pushing a new round in, the 2nd one down would “free up” and slide forward, and interfere with loading. Keeping the mag tilted back solved the problem.

    Other than that, it was flawless. Still, considering how cheap 10-round Pmags can be had, I would just as soon go that route… and keep that much further away from 922R complications.

  2. Hefty Avatar

    Fyi, the 10 rd mags are very easy to make into even more handy 14 rd mags by trimming the follower and bottom plate tab without affecting reliability.

    Have not been able to do it to 30 rd mags though.

    Got the idea from a gent who made his 20 rd tanker mags into 25 rd mags but he also took some spring off.

  3. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    Thanks again Rob!
    Here in Oregon if some of the proposed gun laws take affect a ten round magazine won’t matter. The argument will be – is it (a gun) capable of holding more than ten rounds. It won’t matter if you only have ten round mags if your firearm will hold a larger one. Glocks can hold a thirty round mag, so because of that you may not be able to own a Glock. It will be the same for rifles. The west coast, west of the cascades is becoming home to more and more snowflakes. I’m going to move inland soon. ~ Take Care.

    1. Tannis P Avatar
      Tannis P

      This is a copy of the email I sent to various Oregon state officials about a week ago:

      As a resident of Oregon and a honorably discharged veteran, You have no right to restrict any legal firearms in any way or make me re-register them again. I have already complied with Federal and State laws at the time of purchase.

      The 2nd amendment clearly states, ” The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ”

      Back during the making of the constitution, our forefathers knew that repeating fire arms, cannons, mortars, bombs all existed – and not just single shot pistols and muskets. Furthermore, there was no regulation on shot/caliber size or any amount of arms/ammunition one could have.

      People Kill People. Not Guns of any type. Nowadays, criminals use all sorts of items to commit atrocious acts of violence.

      Vehicles, knives, fists, etc … – all of which can kill and have killed. Shall we regulate or restrict the sales and ownership of these items as well?

      And what about the personal feelings of many of our forefathers on the right to bear arms???

      Thomas Jefferson said:

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – which may include the tyrannical governments armies or police who will not have restrictions on assault weapons and other weapons of high capacity carnage.

      And what of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, all understood the importance of the right to bear arms to protect ones liberties.

      Do not restrict my liberties because of the crimes of others.

      1. Tim N Avatar
        Tim N

        Thank you for your efforts.
        Oregon has vote by mail, and I have to question the integrity of it. I’m in Portland and we get voter results within 50 minutes of the poles closing. The poles close at 8pm. How can they collect all of the ballots from the drop boxes all over town, verify and count them that fast? The last unpopular bond renewal we had a year ago passed by a supposed small margin, that win was announced at 8:50 pm. I get different answers every time I call the county and ask about how votes are counted.
        I was born here, but I’ll be leaving in about 2 months. ~ Take care.

        1. Tim N Avatar
          Tim N

          Measure 43 is bad enough, now you have to worry about measure 44. You will have to lock up your fire arms , if someone steals them you will be held liable for what ever damage is done with them for up to five years. You may keep one on your person at home but if it or any of your firearms are stolen and they don’t think that you stored them properly you will be liable. Each firearm is a single charge, the more firearms stolen the more charges you get.

  4. Hector Avatar

    Made in Korea is Asian junk. A 10 rd mag doesn’t matter to me; that is your problem & they can shove it. That 10 rd mag takes you no-where but sleeping on the ground & eating, with your fingers. It will kill you, like the drum barrel. Do not trust Koreans.

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