“Tolerant Left” is winning “war on guns”…

Chris Bartocci Small Arms Solutions, LLC channel was permanently terminated from YouTube. Most of his videos were basically tabletop talk about guns…if he was shooting in the video, it was done from the bench…so yeah, “extremely dangerous” videos…
Mrgunsngear channel is currently under the siege from leftist lunatics as well (see screenshot #2) – so is AKOU…
They already have us pinned into the wall and we are awaiting final blow (see screenshot #3), unless, some miracle will happen…but let’s be realistic here, Youtube employees who are reviewing appeals are thinking exactly the same way as those who report our videos for “promoting violence”…
As for people saying: “fk it, screw YouTube” – please remember that YouTube is excellent farming ground for new gun enthusiasts. AKOU Channel alone brought thousands of people to the hobby – I know because I read fans emails and messages and listen to their stories. Without YouTube, when they will confine all of us to limited spaces like Full30, 1776tv and etc and we will be talking to ourselves only. 
The idea is to spread the hobby and make it bigger…at least that is the goal for AKOU from day 1…

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  1. Thom Parker Avatar

    Contributors such as Chris Bartocci, as well as Mishaco add historical as well as developmental information on firearms. You Tubers I watch (watched) have always added something to the hobby/sport of owning/operating a firearm. Should I purchase an accessory for my firearm? Lets see what the members on You Tube have to say before I spend my hard earned retirement for something that will not work, or I do not need (yea, I have done a lot of that). You Tube has been a source of information and learning.

  2. Wesley Powell Avatar
    Wesley Powell

    Full 30 is our only hope

  3. Hector Avatar

    “YouTube is an American video-sharing website …” Practicing freedom of speech is questionable because of stateside interpretations. I’m separating those two sentences.

    I don’t have a problem, with any of the gun channels and don’t believe in those kinds of speech restrictions. I’ll tell you what though, youtube & facebook are really blowing it. Those are videos for grown adults, not like pages, with cartoons & movie reviews. “Big headshake.” Youtube is just ridiculous man, they are way too weak.The moderators & those flagging aren’t grown up. Those are actual little kids.

  4. Paul Avatar

    It’s a damn shame the freedoms a lot of us have served and fought so hard for can be whisked away so easily by the few who have NO IDEA WHAT FREEDOM IS!

  5. Hector Avatar

    I agree totally 100%. My grandfather was a 4 bar police captain & 2 star Police Commandant, & my father’s room mate commanded his own U.S Army base, as a CO full bird Colonel. It’s not us, that’s my point. It’s those keyboard warriors at like youtube & facebook & people lying that want to tell people what to do, on the web. Youtube is a private American company that’s self-regulated. A muslim, Christian holy roller, woman or nerd might feel as if his/her manly/woman hood is threatened and automatically starts flagging anything that he/she doesn’t like. That’s why, we don’t use those services. They are really not supposed to start striking & banning people like that but they don’t know any better & do it anyway. It has ‘nothing to do, with militias or instigating violence – it is just that the moderators are little kids, paid to ban, like 1 million Chinese, civis or sergeants sitting, behind a computer monitoring free speech. That is by their interpretation, which none have. See, they aren’t getting any promotions from us, didn’t & aren’t going to, for restricting others wishful pursuits. In their eyes, they are providing a service. yt & fb is not getting that from us, they are going to have to do it on their own, as keyboard warriors & as civis.

  6. stephen s hablinski Avatar
    stephen s hablinski

    Youtube and Google are monopolies at this point. It may be time for Americans who would otherwise be opposed to regulation, or believe in freedom of association, private property, and whatnot, to start calling for regulation of large tech firms to prevent political discrimination. Thats basically what this is, and its not just gun channels, but obviously thats what we care about here. Since we already have anti-discrimination laws, and no matter what you think of them they arent going away, we may as well use them to our advantage.

    I think it would be a good idea if some of the larger gun channels would start to contact political representatives and media figures who may sympathetic to our cause to get this story out there. Seriously, try and contact someone like Tucker Carlson, I bet he would run a piece on it featuring you guys, mrgunsngear, etc.

    Here is a good piece by Tucker on the issue…


  7. stephen s hablinski Avatar
    stephen s hablinski

    I should say this goes well beyond Youtube. All of the major financial institutions, Citi, BoA, etc. are moving in this direction as well by, for instance, refusing to lend to gun manufacturers. Paypal already wont allow you to purchase guns. How long until you can only purchase guns and related items in cash, or no major shipping company will ship a firearm? Obviously the long term goal is to lower support for the 2nd by reducing information about firearms and access to them. And since these companies are effectively monopolies they can do this with little financial risk.

    These people are as devious as they are smart, so we need to play the game the same way. Whatever one thinks of other political issues, like religious freedom for instance, I see no reason why small religious bakeries/pizzerias should be forced to associate with people engaged in behavior that violates their personal beliefs, but multi-billion dollar companies should be allowed to discriminate against people engaged in perfectly legal behavior that they disagree with. We should use this kind of logic and rhetoric to prevent them from denying us platforms and ultimately our rights.

  8. Fatdog Avatar

    It’s the disgusting proof that all rights must be defended or none will remain. The attack on our 2nd is being immediately followed by targeted attacks on the 1st. The snowball is rolling, if something isn’t done soon it will be to big to stop it. That’s when all our rights will be rolled up in it…along with us.

  9. The Saint Avatar
    The Saint

    These bans on youtube is not from democrats or republicans it is the UN, remember john kerry signed over the US to the UN in september 2013, where do you think these hard bans on weapons and parts are coming from, Dec 24th 2015 small arms trade treaty was passed globally, these laws are UN laws not american laws being passed in usa, when they pass enough guess what will happen?

  10. Hefty Avatar

    Understood on the sentiment. But This is great. This will drive factions. If they did that 8 years ago there would already be another platform.

    Vimeo. Full 30. Etc. use them and help make them better. If they are deficient, help them be better if they are gtg.

    Why let YouTube continue? Same with fb. Move and move on.

    There is enough awareness that people will seek info and follow if they want it. Esp if it has value, opposed to just entertainment.

    Wait until wholistic security is reduced (and hope).

  11. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    The sort of people who report videos in this manner are the “Useful Idiots” which plague a people’s civil rights. Hiding behind the first amendment (AND internet anonymity) they, do what busy bodies do…meddle in the affairs of others.They ignore aspects of the world they find distasteful and embrace a fantasy of self importance. “MY opinion is more important than your fact or reality!” They are acting from the , false, belief that ANY means is justified to achieve their ends.
    There is a word for that. This is the mechanics of the ZEALOT, layed out for all to see.
    No greater threat to society, or humanity,exists than that posed by zealots.
    This is the same mindset we see in mass killers. “I am the center of the universe, and it MUST bend to MY will!”
    My, personal, favorite among the rights in The Bill of Rights is the 9th.
    That prohibition is key to the survival of a free society. It holds that one* may not use the rights we have to deny others their rights under the law. Can’t use Amendment 1 to stop others exercising Amendment 2, for example. Can’t use the 2nd to take anyone’s 1st,4th (etc..) and so on.
    We must fight on, and in tne most civil way possible.
    Our adversaries are zealots and they aren’t afraid to show it. That’s our advantage.
    Don’t behave like them, point out their behavior and ally our cause (The promotion of our civil rights as human beings!) to those who believe reason and liberty are more important than emotions and feelings.
    Anyone who is right of Karl Marx is “Far right” to these folks. The people who see themselves as liberal and left of center…aren’t safe either. They get called “Fascist! ” almost as often as those in the middle or to the right of center.
    A coherent position, based on a bedrock of facts and free from emotional swaying is strong and difficult to topple. A frenzied position based on the whims of one’s feelings will topple with the first breeze.

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